This may be the Most Extraordinary Credit Union Loan You’ll Ever Hear Of


The Haro family was blessed with twin boys in early 2017, and with a baby girl in May of 2019. A loan from Clarity Credit Union helped their family dreams come true.

About three years ago, Camille and Felix Haro got hopeful news from their doctor: their dream of starting a family had a good chance of coming true if they tried in vitro fertilization. The process has a good success rate — but it’s expensive.

“When somebody tells you it’s going to cost $20,000 to even try to get pregnant, it’s a pretty big slap in the face,” said Camille Haro.

But the Haros and their network of friends and family went to work to raise the money. They raised $5,000 selling tamales, having yard sales, and seeking donations – but it wasn’t enough.

Friends recommended that the Haros apply for a loan at a credit union. They told Camille about Tamara Zimmerman, then a Member Services Specialist and Loan Officer for Nampa, Idaho-based Clarity Credit Union.

“It was new, the first time I’d heard a request like that,” Zimmerman said. “I thought it would be really neat if we could do that. People are sure excited when our loans help them purchase a car, but this was going to help people have children!”

Leadership at the credit union agreed, in a heartbeat.

“As Clarity’s management team, as the Clarity family, we are concerned with helping people get exactly what they need,” said Nick Fugal, Chief Financial Officer.

Other financial institutions might have turned their backs on such an unusual request, but Clarity processed the loan.

The Haros were ecstatic.

“I couldn’t believe that she called and said, you got it. The money will be in your account tomorrow. Go have a family,” Camille said.

And now there are four. Felix and Camille Haro needed a loan to proceed with in vitro fertilization treatments. Their credit union came to the rescue and now there are twin brothers and a baby sister.

Their first try at IVF worked.

“The Haros sent me an email, and then a card with a copy of the ultrasound, and I cried,” said Zimmerman. “Then I shared the good news with all of the Clarity family.”

Since receiving the extraordinary loan with Clarity, the Haro family has grown.

“We were blessed with the twin boys on February 18, 2017. Then on May 19th of 2019, we had our little Zoe,” Felix Haro said. “I was able to give Camille one of the greatest things she’s ever always wanted and was to be a mom.”

The Haro family is grateful for their credit union.

“I love that it’s Idaho grown,” Camille Haro said. “It’s very welcoming and friendly. Both times, Tamara told me how happy everyone in the branch was to hear our news. We feel like we have a friend in our credit union.”

Since the Haro’s loan was approved, Zimmerman has been promoted to the role of Branch Manager, where she can do more of the work she loves — working closely with members.

“It means a lot to me to be part of the Credit Union Movement,” Zimmerman said. “We get to help people every day make their lives better.”

For Clarity, the IVF loan gave new meaning to the Credit Union Movement’s “People Helping People” philosophy.”

“It’s really cool and unique,” Fugal said. “We do this every day with car loans to get people to work, but in this case, it was really special. How often do we get to help bring life into the world?”

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