More from MAXX: Keynotes Help Credit Union Leaders Create Better Workplace Culture


Ryan McCarty: Transforming the Workplace Culture
Ryan McCarty talks about transforming the workplace culture at MAXX 2019 in Spokane.

Tragedy rocked Ryan McCarty’s world when he was just six years old. His father had returned from the war in Vietnam addicted to heroin. His mother took her own life. That, he says, is where his story begins and the moment, he started asking deep adult questions about his purpose in life.

Today, McCarty helps businesses build purpose-filled workplaces – cultures in which employee engagement shifts to employee fulfillment.

“Everywhere you turn people are searching for what reminds us we are human,” McCarty told attendees at the Northwest Credit Union Association’s MAXX Convention last month. “Goodness is contagious.”

McCarty encouraged the audience to start the moment they got home, by asking each employee what they are passionate about, where they volunteer, and what makes them feel alive.

“There’s a magic that takes place in a credit union that you can’t get anywhere else,” McCarty said.

To leverage that magic in the workplace, McCarty encouraged credit unions to take three steps:

  1. Find out what the cause is that can be embedded into the organization to cultivate meaning.
  2. Make promises to cultivate belonging.
  3. Do something that aligns with the cause (such as hosting a community event) to cultivate fulfillment.

McCarty concluded his inspired keynote by recommending five promises that could be made and kept in strong workplace cultures.

  1. We will care about people and the world around us.
  2. We will drive the business to greater success so it can do more good.
  3. We will connect with those around us.
  4. We will inspire others to do good with us.
  5. We will be authentic in our words and actions.
Dr. Rebecca Heiss: Diverse Teams are More Creative, Engaged, and Accurate

Dr. Rebecca Heiss discusses how diverse teams are more creative, engaged, and accurate at MAXX 2019 in Spokane.

In a high-energy and humorous mainstage address, Dr. Rebecca Heiss challenged MAXX attendees with a daunting task: retrain their brains, rewrite their beliefs, and build an inclusive mindset. That, she believes could help leaders build diverse teams, which are more creative, engaged, and accurate.

Heiss is an internationally recognized expert in human behavior, evolutionary psychology, and stress physiology. She had the audience tossing ping pong balls and performing dance gyrations they probably hope no one caught on camera, but those icebreakers helped them realize they need to see their own blind spots and biases.

“Why is it,” she asked, “that we so fear the other; the people that don’t look like us or operate under the same rules and regulations as us?”

Heiss shared five “breakthrough” tips for building an inclusive mindset, including:

  1. Breath consciously. “You can grow brain cells in your frontal lobe after eight weeks of meditation,” Heiss said.
  2. Redraw the lines in your brain, which naturally creates an enemy around age, race, and gender.
  3. Exercise discomfort with equity and diversity. Fight for justice to remove barriers that would have prevented everyone from being on equal footing to begin with.
  4. Ask for new definitions of leadership.
  5. Know yourself. Break out of habits of subconscious stories.

Instead of fearing those who look or think differently, Heiss encouraged the audience to retrain their brains to understand what really deserves fear. That, she added, is real power.

Editor’s Note: Mark your calendars now for MAXX 2020, to be held in Portland, Sept. 29-Oct. 1.

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