Credit Unions Encouraged to Attend Open Your Eyes to a Credit Union Initiative Webinar Dec. 12


Last month at MAXX, the Northwest Credit Union Association announced the January launch of the consumer-facing Open Your Eyes to a Credit Union advertising initiative. Your Association is committed to providing member credit unions with the tools they need to prepare for the launch.

On Dec. 12, NWCUA will co-host a webinar with the Credit Union National Association and Just Media, a global, digital marketing agency that is working to customize the Northwest’s media buying strategy. The webinar will begin at 9:30 a.m. PST, 10:30 a.m. MST. Click here to register today.

During the webinar, attendees will learn more about the launch, the media buy strategy, campaign materials available to contributors, toolkit materials for both contributing and non-contributing credit unions, website best practices, reporting metrics, and more.   

“We strongly encourage leadership, marketers, and communicators from all of our member credit unions to attend this webinar,” said Danielle Sittu, NWCUA’s SVP of Marketing and Communications. “This discussion will be key to laying the groundwork for a successful launch in January, and we’d love to see every NWCUA member credit union in attendance.”

With significant input from members of the Strategic Market Share Task Force, Sittu has led the charge in gathering Northwest credit unions’ feedback, questions, and concerns in preparation for the regional launch. At MAXX she spoke to Mike Lawson, host of CU Broadcast, about the launch, as well as presented to a full room of credit union leaders during a Breakout session with CUNA Digital Media Strategist, Colleen Shifflett.

“None of this progress would have been possible without the Strategic Market Share Task Force, a key group of credit union leaders who have dedicated their time to asking questions, digging in, and offering advice on how this initiative can be successful here at home,” Sittu said. “Their time and dedication are invaluable.”

The initiative has now launched in 14 states across the country. Recent analytics show that as of Sept. 30, the initiative’s digital ads, placed primarily on social media, have received 325 million impressions, 82 million videos viewed to completion, 6.3 million consumers reached via social media, and 10.6 million reached via YouTube.

The initiative aims to increase credit union consideration among non-member consumers, dispelling the myth that they can’t join. It is targeting specific demographics, including millennials ages 25 to 34 who are looking for a financial services partner, and consumers ages 35 to 55 ho are about to make big financial decisions for their families.

A survey conducted earlier this spring showed that credit union awareness in the Northwest is strong, but those same consumers said they “know very little” about credit unions’ services, according to the research. Thirty-one percent who were surveyed said they’d never joined a credit union, with 30% in Idaho, 29% in Oregon, and 34% in Washington.

Northwest credit unions have pledged approximately $1.4 million to the initiative so far. NWCUA encouraged 100% Northwest credit union participation and aims to raise a total of $8 million over the next three years. If your credit union would like to make a pledge, or if you have questions, contact Sittu at 206-519-9405.

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