Canopy Credit Union Offers Practical Financial Education with the Budget Mom


Miko Love, also known as the Budget Mom, gives a talk at Canopy Credit Union to more than 300 attendees in Spokane on Oct. 23.

More than 300 people turned out for Canopy Credit Union’s recent financial education event, featuring Miko Love, also known as the Budget Mom. During “An Evening with the Budget Mom,” Love shared her empowering story about how to achieve a debt-free life at the sold-out event in Spokane on Oct. 23. 

Canopy has a strong philosophy of partnering with its credit union members, providing them with the access and resources they need to manage their financial journeys, enabling them to achieve their dreams.

“Managing finances can be stressful and daunting,” said Susan Cerutti-Jensen, Marketing Director at Canopy. “Most people have good intentions when it comes to budgeting, but they don’t necessarily have a daily plan for success. Our goal is to empower members to feel more confident about their finances because that feeling of confidence spills over to every aspect of a person’s life.”

Canopy offers its members a variety of unique financial education options, including access to coaches who provide the support, guidance, and tools that members need to understand and manage their finances.

This special event was a natural extension of Canopy’s philosophy of financial empowerment.

Cerutti-Jensen stumbled on Love’s workbooks while visiting their print shop, and she was immediately drawn to them.

“I asked some questions and found out that Spokane was her home. We reached out to see if she would be interested in speaking at an educational event hosted by Canopy, and she agreed,” said Cerutti-Jensen. “From the time we first met Miko, we felt her core values aligned with ours. Her commitment to being there for people through every stage of life resonated with us.” 

It was a packed room for Budget Mom’s presentation. Attendees asked questions and took home ideas they can begin implementing now to improve their financial lives.

Love recognizes the pain people feel when they’re financially struggling because she’s been there. Love was burdened with credit card bills and student loan payments after graduating from college.

After trying various budgeting methods with minimal success, Love created the budget-by-paycheck technique, which combined the calendar, envelope, and paycheck methods to eliminate more than $77,000 in debt in eight months. To pay off her debt, Love increased her personal income by working two full-time jobs, turning photography into a moneymaking venture, and consistently sticking to her budget.

The first step to a debt-free life, Love advises, is having a realistic understanding of the financial situation. From there, goals can be achieved by simply getting into the routine of tracking expenses. Love also encourages people to identify a person or thing in their life that will motivate them to become debt-free.

The event was a huge success, with attendees coming from as far afield as Texas, Hawaii, and Tennessee. An interactive session allowed attendees to ask questions, and Love continued answering their questions via Instagram after the event.

Feedback from the audience was overwhelmingly positive. Organizers received several comments from audience members about Love’s session.

  • “What a great event! The Budget Mom was inspiring, and I left feeling so motivated and excited.” -Melissa
  • “It was empowering and encouraging. I loved how raw and honest she was, even when responding to people’s questions. It was so good to see and hear her heart in person.” – Kaylyn
  • “We loved it! You did such a fabulous job; definitely impacted the crowd. You were clear, concise and engaging. Very powerful. The event itself was so nicely put together, we felt like the most honored guests!”- Alison

Attendees walked away with tangible steps they could immediately start implementing to improve their finances. Love recommended audience members begin developing her budgeting steps now so they can start 2020 with new habits firmly in place.

“I believe one of the reasons Love resonates with so many is she’s extremely transparent,” shared Cerutti-Jensen. “She shares her entire financial life and demonstrates in detail the daily tools that work for her. Seeing someone so raw and vulnerable is a rarity.”

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