New Directors’ Resource Center Offers Board Members Vital Professional Development


A cornerstone of the Credit Union Movement is the knowledgeable service and leadership credit union board members provide. To better support this important segment of credit union leaders, the Northwest Credit Union Association has launched an innovative new online platform, the Directors’ Resource Center.

The website, launched on Oct. 15, has a simple objective: To deliver relevant training and engagement opportunities to board members throughout the Northwest region that result in more educated and engaged credit union advocates.

“In our continued efforts to effectively serve the needs of Northwest credit union board members, we reimagined our approach to providing access to professional development,” said Christine Ruzzi, AVP, Enterprise Engagement Resources at NWCUA. “We are excited to make available such rich content in a format that is available anywhere, anytime.”

The Directors’ Resource Center, which will be regularly updated, is packed with curated content covering a range of professional development topics that are critical to the roles of board members.

The site is just two clicks away: Visit the NCWUA’s website, where you will find the center under the “Programs and Resources” tab.

The Directors’ Resource Center is divided into three key channels:

The Onboarding and Fundamentals channel contains an overview of credit union history, the modern role and operations of credit unions, as well as the credit union system and its partners. It also offers information about directors’ and supervisory committee members’ important roles and responsibilities. In addition, it addresses CEO oversight, board compensation, advocacy, board culture, strategic planning, public awareness, and community impact.

The Regulatory Framework and Requirements channel covers the legal and regulatory framework that governs credit union operations, as well as the specific regulatory requirements for directors. It also offers information about many federal and state financial regulators, including the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), and their impact on credit unions. The central role that compliance plays with federal and state laws and regulation is addressed in this channel as well.

The Continuing Education and Knowledge Base channel contains technical information that will enhance the abilities of directors to serve and make strategic contributions to their credit unions. It includes risk and financial management, industry events for directors, current topics, and a library of useful links.

Your feedback and suggestions on the Directors’ Resource Center are always welcome. Please contact Christine Ruzzi, AVP, Enterprise Engagement Resources, at 503-350-2206.

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