Call for Nominations: Apply by Nov. 6 to Serve on NWCUA’s 2020 Committees


The Oregon Governmental Affairs Committee met last week at MAXX in Spokane.

Members of the Northwest Credit Union Association’s committees and task forces are some of our most vital collaborators, working with NWCUA staff to improve the operating environment and increase opportunities for Northwest credit unions.

Contributing your voice to one of our committees is one important way you can advance your credit union and the Credit Union Movement.

If you’re interested in serving on a committee next year, or if you know someone who would make a great candidate, the 2020 committee nomination period is open through Nov. 6. Click here to submit your nomination today.

It is important to note that if you, or individuals from your credit union, have served on a committee in the past, you must still put forward your recommendation for the 2020 NWCUA committees.

“There is great value in serving on committees for the NWCUA. I have been participating in the Value Creation Task Force (VCTF) since 2018,” said Cindy High, EVP, Chief Operations Officer for East Idaho Credit Union. “I really appreciate the way the NWCUA is helping to expose credit unions to emerging technologies. Jason Smith does an amazing job vetting the companies prior to our meetings so we can be assured that we are getting the cream of the crop each time we meet. Of course there is the bonus benefit of gathering together with our credit union peers. There is exceptional networking opportunity in the VCTF and all the committees that our association has to offer.”

Connie Miller, CEO of Idaho’s Icon Credit Union, echoed High’s sentiments and encouraged credit unions to get involved with a committee, where they can make a direct impact.

“Every great organization has some strong advocates that support its mission. Now’s your chance to join a committee with the NWCUA and be a part of supporting credit unions in an impactful way,” Miller said. “It’s been a blessing to volunteer the past two years as co-chair for the Idaho Governmental Affairs Committee, which has led to working alongside some insightful credit union peers and legislative servants. I highly recommend stepping up for a committee and encouraging your team members to so the same. It’s time well spent for your own growth and our valuable association.”

NWCUA Committee Information

Advocacy Sub-committee: This committee is responsible for developing and training advocacy leaders within the credit union industry, and for setting fundraising goals and assisting in fundraising events on behalf of state PACs and CUNA’s CULAC. For more information about this committee, contact Samantha Beeler, VP, Advocacy.

Awards Committee: This committee heads the overall nomination, administration, and judging of the annual awards program at MAXX, which is designed to connect and honor excellence in the Northwest credit union community. For more information, contact Christine Ruzzi, AVP, Enterprise Engagement Resources.

Defense Fund Oversight Sub-committee: Maintaining a strong defense fund is critical to the Credit Union Movement. This sub-committee is responsible for providing oversight to the defense fund expenditures. For more information, contact Jennifer Wagner, SVP, Chief Advocacy Officer.

Idaho, Oregon, and Washington Governmental Affairs Committees: Each state’s Governmental Affairs Committee assists the Association in an advisory capacity by providing guidance on federal and state legislative and regulatory issues, and by developing policy recommendations to present to the NWCUA Board of Directors. Contact Ryan Fitzgerald for Idaho information, Jennifer Wagner for Oregon, and Joe Adamack for Washington information.

Regulatory Advisory Sub-committee: Members of this subcommittee partner with regulatory agencies to develop responsible rules and regulations. They also gather feedback from member credit unions, which informs the Association’s regulatory priorities. For more information, contact John Trull, AVP, Regulatory Advocacy.

Strategic Market Share Task Force: This task force works with Association staff to help Northwest credit unions discover market share growth opportunities. For more information, contact Danielle Sittu, SVP, Communications and Marketing.

Value Creation Task Force: Members of this task force connect Northwest credit unions to fintech opportunities by examining emerging trends, gathering ideas, piloting small-batch beta tests, providing feedback, and helping NWCUA staff determine win-win opportunities that benefit consumers, credit unions, partners, and the Association. For more information, contact Jason Smith, VP, Strategic Resources.

Your Association values the guidance of all credit union professionals who participate on our committees and task forces. Please help us serve Northwest credit unions better by submitting your nomination today.

The full roster of 2020 committee appointments will be announced before year end. Current 2018 committee members will continue to serve in their respective committees until Dec. 31.

For more information about committee nominations, contact Christine Ruzzi, AVP, Enterprise Engagement Resources, at

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