Strategic Link Makes Big Impact at MAXX 2019


MAXX attendees were able to visit with more than 130 business solutions partners at the Strategic Link Trade Show.

It was hard to miss the Strategic Link presence at MAXX 2019. Everywhere members turned there was something new and interesting to experience. The Strategic Link trade show, Value Creation Task Force, CU Pitch Competition, and the betaSpace Bonanza breakout session showcased hundreds of innovative products, services, and solutions designed specifically for credit unions.

“Providing value through the best in fintech products, services, and solutions for members is one of the Northwest Credit Union Association’s primary missions,” said Jason Smith, NWCUA’s VP of Strategic Resources. “MAXX 2019 has been one of the biggest and best showcases for Strategic Link solutions to date.”  

There was something to offer for everyone at the Strategic Link tradeshow. With over 130 vendors and betaSpace partners at the ready to share their products and solutions, members could spend valuable time learning about what’s next in technology for credit unions. Between the welcome reception on Tuesday night to breakfast and lunch in the tradeshow on Wednesday, there were plenty of opportunities for members to connect.

Attendees and Vendors networking at the Strategic Link Trade Show

MAXX attendees visit Trade Show exhibitor booths in Spokane last week.

The Value Creation Task Force met on Oct. 16 for its final meeting of 2019. This year has been very productive for the task force, bringing several new, innovative products and services to light for Northwest credit unions.

“We’ve been able to uncover some great solutions for our members this year,” said NWCUA President and CEO, Troy Stang as he kicked off the meeting. “I encourage you all to continue to share ideas on how to create even more value for our members in 2020.”

For Smith, it is not just about whether the product or solution is accepted by the task force, it’s about the process of researching and evaluating opportunities to ensure they bring real value. Each company that presents to the task force comes prepared with a clear value proposition backed up with analytics, case studies, and research results.

“As you can imagine, not every company that is invited to present at the task force is accepted as a partner,” Smith said. “But the rigor the team brings to the table when evaluating new opportunities is very beneficial.”

In some instances, the judges may determine that a product or solution is “cool” but not a great fit for Northwest credit unions. Other times, the task force may recognize that it might be too early in a product’s lifecycle for the vendor to become a partner.

“That’s okay,” Smith said. “The Strategic Link team will stay connected with the company to watch how they evolve and, in some cases, provide them with a chance to re-engage.”

Editor’s note: Would you like to get involved in the Value Creation Task Force in 2020? Keep an eye out for information on the committee selection process coming soon that will offer opportunities for participation. You can always reach out to Jason Smith with questions.

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