Open Your Eyes to a Credit Union January Launch Announced at MAXX 2019


Open Your Eyes to a Credit Union banners were on display at MAXX 2019 in Spokane last week.

MAXX 2019 attendees couldn’t miss it. Scattered throughout the Spokane Convention Center were big, bold banners and signs that gave them a first-hand look at what’s to come – the digital-first, consumer-facing Open Your Eyes to a Credit Union initiative scheduled to launch throughout the Northwest in January.

The Northwest Credit Union Association announced the launch during the annual Convention and Strategic Link Trade Show, which saw nearly 1,000 attendees.

During his MAXX opening-day address, NWCUA President and CEO, Troy Stang, announced the January launch to hundreds of credit union industry leaders. And later in the week during a breakout session, NWCUA SVP of Marketing and Communications, Danielle Sittu, was joined by CUNA’s Colleen Shifflett, Digital Media Strategist, to further dive into the initiative’s rollout and positive results surfacing in areas of the country where advertising already has begun.

OYE at MAXX 2019

Northwest Credit Union Association leaders are seen featured in an Open Your Eyes to a Credit Union display at MAXX.

Northwest credit unions have enthusiastically supported the initiative, and so far have contributed $1.4 million to make it a success. The NWCUA encourages 100% Northwest credit union participation and aims to raise a total of $8 million over the next three years.

“Money that’s raised in the Northwest is going to stay in the Northwest,” Sittu told a crowded room of attendees. “That’s how it works. We can have a much bigger reach and a more robust ad buy in more channels with the more money we raise.”

Shifflett shared the initiative’s latest analytics with attendees. So far, collectively in the states that have launched, more than 8 million consumers have seen the initiative’s messaging through programmatic advertising, 6 million have seen ads on Facebook and Instagram, and more than 7 million have watched Open Your Eyes videos on YouTube.

“As we grow and are able to launch in more and more states, it’s exploding exponentially,” Shifflett said, adding that as of last week, the initiative had launched in 14 states.

The Strategic Market Share Task Force, made up of credit union executives in Idaho, Oregon, and Washington, has played an essential role in guiding and shaping the initiative, and has had input to the Northwest-customized ad buy.

On Dec. 5, NWCUA, CUNA, and Just Media, which is the agency leading the advertising’s buying and placement strategy, will share the recommended ad buy strategy with the Strategic Market Share Task Force.

Then, on Dec. 12, NWCUA will host an informative webinar for all member credit unions, focusing on the January launch, collateral materials, details on media buys, toolkits with talking points, website branding, and more. This information and materials are designed to ensure credit unions can prepare their front-line staff prior to the launch.

The digitally focused initiative is a cooperative one that aims to dispel the myths consumers often believe about credit unions, such as being ineligible to join or that their services are only offered locally.

This past summer, a study of 800 non-member consumers throughout the Northwest revealed interesting data. Only 2% of those surveyed had never heard of a credit union, reinforcing the strong appreciation of cooperative businesses in the Northwest. However, of those surveyed, 45% said while they’d heard of credit unions, they’d never considered joining one.

“Here in the Northwest, we don’t have an awareness problem – we have a consideration problem. What Open Your Eyes aims to reinforce is that everyone can join a credit union, and they should consider credit unions when making financial decisions – because credit unions are the best choice,” Sittu said.

To learn more, visit Open Your Eyes to a Credit Union online and enter your CUNA password. Further information also is available on the NWCUA Marketing Resource Center. To make a pledge, contact Sittu at 206-519-9405.

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