Unitus Credit Union Donated More than $200,000 to 80+ Local Organizations


Donations of more than $200,000 to nonprofits last year earned Unitus a Top 10 placement last week at the Portland Business Journal’s Corporate Philanthropy Luncheon. 

Unitus joined other credit unions earning honors across the categories (divided into Small, Medium, and Large companies), representing the virtues of the Credit Union Movement in a powerful way. For scale, juggernauts like Nike and Intel were among other companies recognized at the event.

“Improving life in our communities, especially for those less fortunate, is the purpose of our work every day,” said Steven Stapp, Unitus President/CEO. “I’ve seen from firsthand experience that credit union’s can be a vehicle that enables families to move upward socially and improve their quality of life. That is what we strive for at Unitus.”

Unitus invested more than $210,000 into the Greater Portland Metro community in 2018. In the same year, Unitus employees combined to donate 2,861 hours across more than 80 local organizations and nonprofits. That equals more than a year’s worth of 40-hour workweeks.

“Our members and staff make this possible,” added Aimee Berg, Unitus’ Community Development Officer. “It takes investment from all of us to realize this virtuous cycle of giving and community improvement. The impact we’re making now will echo for generations.”

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