New Strategic Link betaSpace Partner, Fortress Identity, Offers a Powerful Solution to Vulnerable Passwords


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In today’s world of widespread cybercrime, using multi-factor, biometric authentication in place of passwords, PINS, or other tokens, provides superior transaction security. While most credit unions recognize the need for this level of security, there is a perception that it is too complicated – for  members to use, for IT staff to implement, and for budgets to accommodate.

Now credit unions have a solution to these hurdles, thanks to newly added Strategic Link betaSpace partner, Fortress Identity – the leading provider of advanced, multi-factor authentication mobile and browser biometric solutions. Fortress Identity’s turnkey solution features multiple voice modes, facial identification, and remote on-boarding.

“We are excited to welcome Fortress Identity as a betaSpace partner,” said Jason Smith, VP of Strategic Resources. “Compound biometrics offer the level of protection necessary to secure credit union accounts. Authentication based on biometric factors ― facial, fingerprint, and voice — is the new minimum standard.”

Fortress Identity was founded in 2015 by an innovative team of IT professionals who no longer wanted to choose between strong security and ease of use. Both, they agreed, should be simultaneously possible.

“We welcome the opportunity to become a Strategic Link betaSpace partner,” said Alessandro Chiarini, Chief Executive Officer of Fortress Identity. “We understand that each credit union has its own security challenges, which is why we created the Biometric Authenticator™ ― a flexible solution that is easy to implement, affordable, and that offers ultimate member protection.”

As an industry expert, Fortress Identity is familiar with the security challenges credit unions may face. The partner has demystified the top three commonly believed barriers to adopting biometrics.

  1. Member Resistance – Ever since Apple and Samsung introduced fingerprint and facial access to iOS and Android smartphones, consumers have become increasingly more comfortable using biometrics. In fact, most members have come to expect it!
  2. Budget Limitations – The cost of any security solution must be weighed against the expense of recovery from cyberattack. Member trust is everything. Can you imagine the cost of rebuilding member confidence? Other factors to consider include: damage to the brand reputation, lost business, and the perception of account vulnerability.
  3. Limited Resources – Fortress Identity has reduced the implementation impact on IT departments by offering a solution that can be up and running using just 10 lines of code. If credit union members already use native biometrics on mobile devices, it is easy to add a voice factor to significantly step up security. Another advantage to the Fortress Identity solution is that it will eliminate many of the costs associated with password resets.

Strategic Links’ betaSpace connects credit unions with fintech startups seeking partnership to bring emerging technologies to credit unions.

To learn more about this innovative solution, please join Fortress Identity’s CEO, Alessandro Chiarini, at an informative webinar, Life Without Passwords, on Nov. 5, from 10 to 11 a.m. PST, 11 a.m. to noon MST. Credit unions can learn first-hand the benefits of biometrics, how easy it is to adopt, ways to overcome internal obstacles, and the keys to successful implementation.

Editor’s Note: To learn more about Fortress Identity, please visit their Strategic Link site. If you have questions, don’t hesitate to contact Jason Smith, VP Strategic Resources, at 208-286-6794. You can also visit them at the Trade Show at MAXX 2019 in Spokane Oct. 15-17 in the betaSpace area.

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