Cascadia Chapter of Credit Unions Named a 2019 LEAP Award Winner


In August, the Cascadia Chapter of Credit Unions hosted a Life Simulation event in Portland, where nearly 60 professionals from 15 credit unions gathered to learn about the daily realities of financial hardship.

Editor’s note: This is the fourth story in a series of five announcing the 2019 Micro-Communities in Action 2019 LEAP winners. Last week, NWCUA was pleased to announce the Spokane Chapter of Credit Unions as winner of the LEAP Advocacy award. Look for our last story in the series next week, announcing the overall LEAP winner! 

The Micro-Communities in Action LEAP awards recognize outstanding credit union collaboration in a number of areas, including Philosophy-in-Action, which embodies the cooperative spirit through fundraising, financial education, and the advancement of credit union public awareness.

The Cascadia Chapter of Credit Unions demonstrated these efforts throughout 2018 and 2019, earning it the 2019 LEAP Philosophy-in-Action Award. The Chapter’s members will be celebrated at MAXX 2019 in Spokane, Oct 15 to 17.

The Chapter hosted several events, including a fundraiser in August of 2018 that provided 30 backpacks filled with school supplies to local school districts with children in need. Later that fall, the Chapter hosted its annual Turkey Shoot, which raised funds for Embrace Oregon, a non-profit that assists foster children.

“Promoting the credit union philosophy is important to the Cascadia Chapter because it is ultimately what we are here to do – to help people – and we are passionate about it,” said Sarah Buck, Chapter President and CU Relations and Education Specialist with USAgencies Credit Union. “Everything we do goes back to what our purpose is, and we are continually looking for more ways we can continue to bring that to the forefront of all of our efforts. People Helping People is a truly contagious way of life, and we want to pass it on to as many people we can.”

Also in 2018, Chapter members volunteered at a Financial Reality Fair, held for nearly 100 Cleveland High School students. They spent the day helping students use the Northwest Credit Union Foundation’s Bite of Reality app at the fair, educating them on the importance of budgeting.

“The Cascadia Chapter is committed to helping communities throughout western Oregon, and its members have demonstrated that commitment time and time again. The Chapter’s Philosophy-in-Action award is well deserved,” said Sharee Adkins, Executive Director of the Northwest Credit Union Foundation.

In early 2019, the Mt. Hood Chapter and the NW Chapter merged, becoming the Cascadia Chapter. The merger has allowed the Cascadia Chapter to have greater representation within the region, Buck said.

“With 2020 on the horizon, and all that we have been able to accomplish this year, for us the sky is the limit,” Buck said. “We know we want to always find ways to improve, and be more impactful in all avenues. ‘How can we do more’ is never far from our minds and in our discussions. This includes bringing new and fresh events and opportunities for our peers, but also continuing to host our exciting and classic events everyone looks forward to each year. We continually are inspiring, cheering on, and supporting one another in everything we that we do, and that is something I know we are all thankful for.”

Plan to celebrate all of the 2019 award winners during the MAXX Awards Gala on Oct. 17 in Spokane. Make sure to  register today and don’t miss the celebration! 

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