MAXX 2019: Dive Into Innovative Design-and-Build Services with IBG


CapEd Credit Union worked with Integrated Builders Group to construct a branch in Meridian, Idaho.

When credit unions invest in new branches or remodels, it’s essential they create functional spaces that are modern and comfortable, where members can have quality experiences. That includes areas where members feel comfortable  enough  to dive into deep discussions about a  new mortgage or auto loan, secure areas where staff members can carry out their duties, as well as bright spaces that evoke a warm and welcoming environment.

Strategic Link partner, Integrated Builders Group, has been a design-build partner solely to the credit union industry since 2006,  and  is  a leader  in branch technology, branding, and design-build. With  constant communication and integrated teamwork from architects, interior designers, and contractors,  IBG  provides  credit unions  with  the  design and build  services they need  to reach their building or remodeling  goals.

Recently, Anthem spoke with IBG’s CEOPatrick Sende, to discuss the company’s participation at the Strategic Link Trade Show, to be held at MAXX in Spokane, Oct. 15-17.

Anthem: We know IBG has attended MAXX for the past five years. What do you appreciate about the event and what are you looking forward to this year?

IBG: Prior to attending MAXX, we had been attending the Idaho Credit Union League event since 2009.  I appreciate that the focus of MAXX is pertinent, timely, and particularly relevant for the credit union community. We always look forward to meeting potential new clients that we can help and develop long-term relationships with.

Anthem: What are you excited to showcase about your solution at MAXX 2019?

IBG: We’re excited to showcase our turn key, comprehensive strategy-design-build commercial development solutions that are uniquely tailored to each and every client.  IBG differentiates itself by developing a trustworthy relationship with our clients through equal application of competence and commitment, surrounded by bountiful amounts of energy and ingenuity. IBG walks credit unions through the  beginning  stages of strategic planning and real estate  location. Every detail ranging from security, furniture, and equipment, to the strategic placement of a tech bar or  waste bin  is examined and executed with thought and precision.  

Anthem: How does IBG help credit unions remain relevant in the competitive Financial Industry landscape?

IBG: With regard to retail branches, credit unions are being pushed by the industry to deliver ultra-modern member experiences through use of next-gen technology solutions.  Yet, much of that technology is uncomfortable to many of their most experienced members, so  ican create a conflict.  IBG solves that dilemma by developing a flexible design – one with flow and elements that will satisfy the traditionalist, as well as brand and technology that will intrigue the millennial.  And, our designs can be easily transformed over time without extensive renovation costs – an important aspect for credit unions’ bottom line. 

Anthem: What can we expect from IBG in 2020? 

IBG: Our company serves credit unions exclusively, and we have since 2006.  NWCUA members can expect IBG to remain at the cutting edge of branch technology, development, design, and construction methods.  IBG dedicates significant dollars each year toward research and development of our brand environment and technology solutions.  We are implementing new, smallbranch solutions that use smaller footprints, requiring less FTEs, and use teleconferencing that empowers and enriches the member experience. We’re committed to developing long-lasting, mutually beneficial relationships.

Finally, IBG is extremely pleased and proud to have been selected by Strategic Link as a partner.  We are excited to expand our credit union relationships from our initial Idaho base to Washington and Oregon. We look forward to MAXX 2019 and all the excitement the event generates for credit unions and vendors alike.  

Editor’s Note: Integrated Builders Group will be on hand at the Strategic Link Trade Show at MAXX in Spokane, Oct. 15-17. Don’t miss the chance to meet with them face-to-face and learn about their strategic design-build services.  Register today! Learn more about  IBG by visiting them  online. 

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