Idaho Sees Highest Median Annual Share and Deposit Growth  at end of Q2


Credit unions throughout the Northwest continue seeing strong growth in many categories, including median asset growth, low median delinquency rates, and membership growth, according to 2019 second-quarter data from the National Credit Union Administration.  

Idaho saw the highest median annual deposit growth nationwide, at 6.8%, and saw high median annual asset growth at 6.2%, making it the second highest nationwide, after Alaska, at 6.3%.

Washington saw the third-highest membership growth nationwide, at 2.1%, and Oregon and Washington both saw low median total delinquency rates, at 33 bps and 32 bps, respectively.

Nationally, credit union membership continued to grow during the second quarter, and 88% of federally insured credit unions reported positive net income, according to the National Credit Union Administration. Median annual loan growth at the end of second quarter was 4.6%, and median annual asset growth was 1.7%.

Northwest credit unions have continued to see positive growth trends across the board, while much of the country is experiencing some slowing,” said Northwest Credit Union Association Vice President of Regulatory Advocacy, John Trull. “In 18 states credit union membership declined and in eight states credit unions had less deposits than they did a year ago.  

Here’s how Idaho, Oregon, Washington, Alaska, and Hawaii, closed out second quarter 2019:  

Median Annual Asset Growth
Idaho: 6.2%
Oregon:  1.9% 
Washington:  4.4%
Alaska highest nationwide at 6.3% 

Median Annual Share and Deposit Growth  
Idaho: 6.8%, highest nationwide
Oregon: 0.8% 
Washington: 3.8%
Alaska’s was second-highest at 5.4%

Median Annual Membership Growth
Idaho: 1.9% 
Oregon: 1.1%
Washington: 2.1%, third highest nationwide 
Alaska saw 2.4% growth 

Median Annual Loan Growth
Idaho: 6.4% 
Oregon: 5.6% 
Washington: 6.3% 

Median Total Delinquency Rate 
Idaho: 55 pbs  
Oregon: 33 bps, third lowest nationwide  
Washington: 32 bpssecond lowest nationwide 

Median Loan to Share Ratio 
Idaho: 88%, second highest nationwide
Oregon: 79% 
Washington: 82%
Alaska saw 89%, highest in the nation along with Vermont

Median Return on Average Assets
Idaho: 85 pbs  
Oregon: 84 bps 
Washington: 83 bps 

Positive Net Income
Idaho: 96% 
Oregon: 97% 
Washington: 94%
Alaska saw 100% and Hawaii saw 98%

To compare data to first quarter 2019, visit  Anthem online.  For more information, see  NCUA’s Quarterly U.S. Map Review. 

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