Discover How to Simplify Your Secondary Loan Market Management During MAXX 2019


When a credit union carries a high loan-to-asset ratio, the secondary loan market can be a way to help balance assets. Yet, outdated loan management processes can prohibit credit unions from fully reaping the benefits of participation. 

Strategic Link partner, Sein Analytics, has developed a  digital  platform that  helps credit unions manage the secondary loan market by simplifying  the processWith Sein’s application, credit unions  can access loan data, historical pricing, a central operations portal, and real-time pricing.  

Anthem recently connected with Sein Analytics to talk MAXX 2019.

Anthem: What about the Strategic Link Trade Show has you excited? 

Sein Analytics: This is Sein Analytic’s first time attending MAXX. We’re a start-up, so we’re looking forward to connecting with credit unions and showing them, in-person, how we can help make loan trading in the secondary market more efficient, saving them both time and money. 

Anthem: What are you excited to showcase about your solution at MAXX 2019? 

Sein Analytics: We’d like to listen and find out more about existing processes at credit unions for managing and trading secondary loans. At Sein we believe our solution can increase security, mitigate risk, and automate cumbersome processes. 

Anthem: How does your solution help credit unions remain relevant in the competitive financial industry landscape? 

Sein Analytics: In order to remain competitive in the future and attract younger members, everything that can be digital should be. There are many processes in the finance and credit union industry that could become more efficient by automating manual processes. Sein wants to make communication between credit unions that want to trade with each other easy and transparent. We’ve created a platform that cuts out unnecessary middlemen and allows lending officers and CFOs to analyze and understand the risk in their loan portfolios. 

Anthem: What can we expect from your company in the coming year?

Sein Analytics: We’re currently working on making our platform Soc2 compliant. We want to ensure there are no security concerns for credit unions that want to partner with us. In early 2020, we’re planning to launch a beta of our platform with several credit unions. The goal will be to help credit unions more easily trade with each other, as well as understand and manage their loans.  Sein Analytics empowers credit unions with the confidence of hedge-fund caliber analytics and data visualization, cloud computing power, and secure data architecture. It’s critical for credit unions to know how, when, and where their data is accessed. In today’s evolving landscape, a credit union’s success will depend on access to intelligent data, insightful analytics, and a secure infrastructure. 

We’re looking forward to connecting with credit unions at MAXX 2019 to listen and discuss how we can work with them to simplify their secondary loan market management

Editor’s Note: Sein Analytics will attend the Trade Show’s betaSpace this year in Spokane during MAXX 2019. Don’t miss the chance to meet with them face-to-face and hear about their digital platform. Register today! Learn more about Sein Analytics by visiting them online.

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