Strategic Link Partners with Illuma Labs to Bring Voice Authentication Technology to Credit Unions


Ensuring member satisfaction is a constant challenge for credit unions, which is why Strategic Link has partnered with Illuma Labs, so that it may offer credit unions a solution for elevated member interaction with a focus on enhanced security.

Illuma Labs eliminates the need for traditional security steps like PINs, passphrases, and security Q&As in the contact center by offering a real-time voice authentication service called Illuma Shield.

Illuma Shield passively analyzes the member’s voice through natural conversation and provides higher authentication accuracy in a fraction of the time. The result: an elevated member experience, enhanced security against fraudsters, and reduced operating costs.

“During our most recent Value Creation Task Force meeting, members of the task force were impressed with the solution that Illuma Labs offers,” said Jason Smith, Vice President of Strategic Resources. “We are excited by their feedback and the new technology Illuma Labs brings to our credit unions. As a new partner, we know they’ll fill a gap and show positive results.”

Many consumers choose credit unions over large banks because they enjoy the friendly and personal touch that is characteristic of credit unions. Yet, when they have a problem and need to call member service for a solution, they are required to answer a series of security questions. At times, it may feel intrusive, and what’s more concerning, is that these precautions can be extremely easy for a fraudster to defeat.

By using Illuma Shield passive-voice technology, instead of the traditional series of security questions, credit union members can get to what they need quickly. This added service helps credit unions improve their member satisfaction while saving time and money and increasing their members’ security.

Look for Illuma Labs at the MAXX 2019 Trade Show, to be held in Spokane, Oct. 15-17. Find out how they can help your credit union elevate the member experience with passive-voice authentication.

For more information about Illuma Labs, contact  Jason Smith, VP of Strategic Resources, or visit its newly added Strategic Link website.

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