Knowledge is Power – Planning for the Future During Uncertain Economic Times


Most business leaders probably wish they had a crystal ball. In today’s uncertain economy, it would be a comfort to know what’s coming and how best to prepare.  

Alas, there isn’t a crystal ball, but there is Dr. Mary Kelly, nationally renowned economistauthor, anfuturist. She’ll lend a hand in predicting what’s to come when she addresses credit union professionals at MAXX 2019, giving attendees a deep-dive look at regional and national economic growth, its hurdles, and its opportunities.

In the keynote address, “Knowledge Is Power,” Kelly will put the current economic climate into perspective. Kelly’s guidance will help credit unions navigate the future as they continue to evolve, introduce new tech, products, and services to boost the member experience.

Kelly is an economics professor, author, and U.S. Navy veteran. She’s worked as an intelligence officer, focusing on Asia and Russia, as a director of human resources, chief of police, and professor at the Naval Academy. The Wall Street Journal, Money, Entrepreneur, and other publications have turned to her for expertise.

Kelly’s books include 15 Ways to Grow Your Business in Any Economy, 360° of Leadership,” and Why Leaders Fail and the 7 Prescriptions for Success.

Credit unions will welcome Kelly to the mainstage on Oct. 16 during the General Session, running from 8:30 to 10 a.m. Don’t miss her and other insightful speakers at MAXXto be held Oct. 15-17 in Spokane. Register your team today and visit the MAXX page to see a full lineup.

Learn more about Kelly by watching the video below.

Editor’s Note: Other speakers will also give talks during the keynote, “Knowledge is Power.” Look in upcoming Anthem editions for more stories about MAXX 2019 speakers, including a future story about Stephen Happel, Arizona State University Professor Emeritus of Economics.

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