Icon Credit Union Gets a Big Warm Weiser Welcome


Icon Credit Union’s arrival in Weiser, Idaho, was welcome news to local residents. The new branch is inside the brand new Ridley’s Family Market.

The southwest Idaho community of Weiser got two long-awaited services last week: the opening of a new grocery store, and, finally, a not-for-profit, cooperative credit union.

The new Ridley’s Family Market replaces its beloved previous location that was destroyed in a catastrophic snowstorm in 2017. A large, stateofthe art store was built from the ground up, and Boise-based Icon Credit Union was invited to establish a branch inside.  

“It’s been an incredible response,” said Connie Miller, Icon CEO. “The opportunity for us to partner and open our branch at the same time the new store was opening for the community created a wonderful excitement.” 

Idaho State Representative Ryan Kerby (RNew Plymouth-9) called the community’s excitement over the dual openings “infectious.” 

The Icon team is ready to serve its new members in Weiser, Idaho.

Infectious indeed as 51 Weiser residents opened accounts at Icon right away.

“Icon is excited to continue our quest to be available to serve more members,” Miller said. “Weiser is full of life and has some great economic development happening. They are a caring, rural community that wants to build families, and that’s what we’re all about.”




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