Help Your Credit Union Employees Retire on Time with the Funds They Need


As credit union employers, we want our employees to be able to retire on their own terms—with dignity and financial security after a job well done. We want this not only for the sake of retirees but for the sake of everyone still on the job. It’s part of the Credit Union Difference. 

Postponed retirements can delay other employees’ opportunities for development and promotion. In addition, morale suffers when employees continue working only because they can’t afford to retire. With the right tools and a few simple strategies, however, you can easily become part of the solution.  

During a Sept. 26 webinar with Strategic Link business partner, CUNA Mutual Group, credit unions can discover three key strategies for guiding their employees to a successful and timely retirement:

  • The most potent drivers of engaging employees in effective retirement planning. 
  • How to design and support retirement education programs. 
  • Showing employees how to get the most out of online tools. 

“CUNA Mutual Group guides credit unions and their employees toward smart retirement strategies,” said NWCUA Vice President of Strategic Resources, Jason Smith. “Retirement specialist, Dan Hoffman, has more than 30 years’ experience in the retirement services industry and can help credit unions take care of the people who take care of their members. He’ll be our expert guide during this important webinar.” 

Join CUNA Mutual Group for an informational webinar on Thursday, Sept. 26, at 11 a.m. (PDT), noon (MDT). Register for the webinar online today and don’t miss CUNA Mutual Group at the Strategic Link Trade Show, held at MAXX in Spokane, Oct. 15-17.

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