Find out how Your Credit Union can Onboard Text Services at MAXX 2019


When a credit union needs to get urgent messages out to its members – whether it be about a drop in mortgage rates, a fraud alert, or a branch closure, it often turns to channels such as social media. But text messaging has proven to be the most effective way to reach members immediately.

Eltropy can make that enhanced member service a reality for credit unions. At MAXX 2018 in Tacoma, Eltropy made its convention debut and met with dozens of credit union professionals. The company will return again this year to MAXX 2019 in Spokane, Oct. 15-17.

Anthem reached out to Eltropy to hear their thoughts about last year’s experience, what excites them about MAXX 2019, and about how they plan to connect with credit union partners again this year.

Anthem: You attended MAXX in 2018. What was it that you appreciated about the event, and what are you looking forward to this year?

Eltropy: Yes, we attended the event last year and were very grateful to NWCUA for the opportunity to be a part of betaSpace. The hospitality and reception we received at MAXX sets it apart from any other event. We met several key decision makers at NWCUA member credit unions and got a chance to get to know them personally.  

Anthem: What are you excited to showcase about your solution at MAXX 2019?

Eltropy: As a text-messaging-solution provider focused on credit unions, we are excited to demonstrate our comprehensive solution that caters to all text messaging needs for any credit union. We were recently chosen as a top text messaging solution for credit unions by CUNA Strategic Services, and are looking forward to showcasing our latest features.

Anthem: How does your solution help credit unions remain relevant in the competitive financial industry landscape?

Eltropy: Nine out of 10 consumers would like to be able to use text messaging to communicate with businesses. Dentists use text to send appointment reminders. Banks use text to send fraud alerts. What’s stopping credit unions from leveraging text messaging to engage members?

Eltropy’s text messaging platform is helping credit unions become closer to members as texting is how members prefer to communicate today. Members don’t like to receive phone calls and email is filled with spam. Moreover, it’s not that credit union employees are not texting members—it’s happening—but from the employees’ personal numbers. This practice is a ticking compliance time bomb. That’s where Eltropy comes in. Eltropy provides a secure and TCPA-compliant way for Credit Unions to communicate with their members through text messaging.

Anthem: What can we expect from your company in the next year?

Eltropy: We are focused on providing the best solutions to credit unions to enhance their member relationships and will continue investing in the credit union ecosystem to provide even more value by delivering:

  • More IT integrations into leading systems like MeridianLink, Temenos, etc.
  • More AI-based conversations and automated chatbots
  • More partnerships with credit union associations, leagues, and trusted credit union vendors.

Anthem: What else can you tell us about your plans for MAXX 2019?

Eltropy: Our company is committed to driving revenue, engagement, growth, and efficiency for credit unions. When we participated at MAXX last year, we were fairly new in the credit union market. Thanks to NWCUA’s efforts and continued support, we have been able to build compelling success stories with their credit union partners. In less than a year, we have more than 300 credit unions that we are actively engaged with.

For example, using Eltropy to collect required loan documents over text, Advantage Plus Federal Credit Union is able to process loan applications 44 times faster, making the lending process more efficient. And now, we are looking forward to creating more stories like these with other NWCUA credit union partners at MAXX.

See what Eltropy’s VP of Financial Services, Troy Pittock, had to say at last year’s Trade Show below:

Editor’s Note: Eltropy will be back at the Trade Show’s betaSpace this year in Spokane during MAXX 2019. Don’t miss the chance to meet with them face-to-face and hear about their texting services. Register today! Learn more about Eltropy by visiting them online.

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