2019 Credit Union Rock Stars Include Three from the Northwest


Nick Hellmich, Wauna Credit Union, Member Service Manager

Three Northwest credit union professionals were recently named 2019 Credit Union Rock Stars by Credit Union Magazine.  

Credit Union Rock Star awards are presented to exceptional credit union professionals by the editorial staff of Credit Union Magazine, which annually awards this title to mold-breaking credit union professionals whose accomplishments elevate the Credit Union Movement.   

There are three stand-out leaders in our own back yard this yearThese individuals have used their ingenuity and talents to advance the mission of their credit union and the Movement—in addition to making significant contributions to their communities. Please join us in congratulating the following Rock Stars: 

Andrea Parrish

Andrea Parrish, STCU, Digital Brand Manager

  • Nick HellmichWauna Credit Union, Member Service Manager 
  • Andrea Parrish, STCU, Digital Brand Manager 
  • Shelan StritzkeiQ Credit Union, Human Resources Manager 

Hellmich: “The credit union industry really aligns with my morals—I love supporting and changing the lives of people I may never meet whether through financial services or volunteer efforts in the communityI love the philosophy of ‘members over money’ and the self-sacrifice it takes to really make a difference for those who need a little lift.” 

Parrish: “My passion is educating other credit unions and CU professionals about the importance and power of marketing ‘the movement’—and just what a huge bang for the buck a well-orchestrated digital marketing campaign can do for their organizationI am asked to speak now as a volunteer at CU conferences nationwide to help educate colleagues on why it is so important to lean on marketing resources to support members and engage community. It’s just an ideal way to educate the public on the power of the credit union model.” 

Shelan Stritzke

Shelan Stritzke, iQ Credit Union, Human Resources Manager

Stritzke: “We’ve really worked hard to innovate and create an inclusive wellness program meeting the diverse needs of our employees. The collaborative nature of our wellness committee has been critical to the success of the program. Everyone brings a unique perspective which has allowed us to develop programming that’s appealing and very well attended. I feel so lucky to have received this award by doing work that I love, with people I enjoy, in an industry I’m proud to be a part of.  What an honor!” 

In total, 50 professionals representing 30 states are recognized as this year’s Credit Union Rock Stars from a variety of disciplines. 

“Our 50 Credit Union Rock Stars are changing the lives of their members, staff and communities each day,” said Ann Hayes Peterson, vice president of publishing at CUNA and editor-in-chief of Credit Union Magazine. “They do so not only with their product innovations and concern for members’ financial well-being, but also with their servant leadership.”

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