Strategic Link’s Value Creation Task Force Meets with Potential New Partners


Jordan Christopher, SVP of Global Sales with Glia, presents to the Value Creation Task Force earlier this month. Glia enables companies to deliver an in-person customer experience online through video and chat.

Providing the best in fintech products, services, and solutions for members is one of the Northwest Credit Union Association’s primary missions. With that in mind, Strategic Link’s Value Creation Task Force met on Aug. 13 to review and evaluate products and services from potential new partners that will benefit NWCUA member credit unions. 

The Value Creation Task Force, a group comprised of member credit union executives, came together for a variety of presentations that focused on improved customer service, security, and risk. During these meetings, task force members heard company presentations, asked questions, and examined specific aspects before discussing and deciding if the product or service offers an innovative solution for NWCUA member credit unions. 

The task force’s members evaluated four fintech companies from across the country Florida, California, New York, and Texasfor a variety of solutions, including biometric and voice authentication technology. Sourced from industry-leading conferences and events such as Finovate, Money20/20, and, these companies were curated by Strategic Link and put forth to the task force. 

“They get better every time and this was the best one yet,” said Value Creation Task Force Committee Chair and EVP Chief Operations Officer of East Idaho Credit Union, Cindy High.

Jason Smith, Vice President of Strategic Resources, said the task force’s meeting was extremely valuable and productive, and that he’s confident it will result in new, innovative products and services to bring value to Northwest credit unions.

Barry VCTF

Thomas Barry, Enterprise Account Executive with Glia, presents during the Value Creation Task Force meeting.

“During these meetings our task force members come together to identify rapidly evolving technology and to assess any products or services that will support our Northwest credit unions’ needs in anticipating and exceeding their members’ expectations,” Smith explained. “They determine whether the companies being evaluated offer a clear value proposition backed up with analytics, test studies, and positive research results.”

The offerings ranged from voice authentication, developed in a Department of Homeland Security incubator-like program, to using regulatory-compliant social media analytics for underwriting thin-file, no-file, and credit-challenged consumers. Each company offered a unique technology solution that can help credit unions stay ahead of their members expectations. 

“These four companies were selected as potential Strategic Resource partners due to the high degree of relevancy in the products and services they offer our members. We’re moving forward to the next step in the evaluation process,” said Smith. 

If  your credit union would like to learn more about new partners, or if you are interested in becoming a member of the Value Creation Task Force, contact NWCUA VP of Strategic Resources,  Jason Smith.   

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