MAXX 2019: Telling the Credit Union Story


Storytelling is an artand the Credit Union Movement has an outstanding story to tell.

How we tell that story is critical to bringing in new members, boosting advocacy efforts, and generating credit union awareness. Eliaichi Kimaro, filmmaker and storyteller, is the perfect person to help guide that conversation. She’ll make an appearance at MAXX 2019, to be held in Spokane Oct. 15-17.

In the session, “Tapping Our Potential – Engage the Power of Story,” Kimaro will share her insights, inspiring and guiding us on how we may advance the Credit Union Movement by leveraging storytelling.

Kimaro is the founder of 9elephants productions, a company that utilizes film to bring stories of struggle, resistance, and survival to a broader audience. She’s produced more than 80 videos for local and national non-profits, addressing social and economic justice issues. Who better to help us tell the “People Helping People” story than Kimaro? 

She’s the director of the award-winning documentary, “A Lot Like You,” and her five-year lecture tour eventually brought her to the TEDx stage, where she presented “Why the World Needs Your Story.”

We’ll welcome her to the mainstage on Oct. 15 during the General Session, running from 3 to 5 p.m. Don’t miss her powerful talk at MAXX! Register your team today and visit the MAXX page to see a full lineup of speakers.


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