NWCUA Advocacy Team Engaging with State Legislators at ALEC

This week, the NWCUA Advocacy team had the opportunity to spend time with over 1,500 state legislators and leaders from around the country.  Over 25 legislators and staff from our three states were in attendance at the 2019 ALEC Conference, which took place in Austin, Texas.  The ALEC Conference is a policy forum that provides an opportunity for legislators and policy staff to discuss best practices, legislative programs and policies that have been successful in states around the country.  Moreover, it provides the opportunity for an in-depth look at pressing issues facing our communities across the nation and what policies programs have met with success and ones that have not.  Some of the important topics of discussion at this year’s conference included fiscal policy and tax reform discussions, minimum wage and family leave policies, education funding and investment as well as immigration and inclusionary zoning / housing discussions.  

During the Commerce, Insurance and Financial Services Committee meeting, ALEC passed a resolution urging Congress to establish a national solution for safe canna-banking and cannabis-related businesses.  The NWCUA Advocacy team was able to take part in this committee discussion as well as several others throughout the week.    

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