CULAC Showcase: Peninsula Credit Union Team Doubles Fundraising Goal


Peninsula Credit Union’s Friday Fundays campaign hit it out of the park during CULAC Month. So far this year, the PCU team has contributed more than $1,600 to help elect credit union supporters to federal office.

This is brilliant. Wouldn’t you just love to whack that broken-down piece of office equipment and be done with it?

Wait for it … Shelton, Washington-based Peninsula Credit Union offered the opportunity to do just that – smashing office equipment and raising money for the Credit Union Legislative Action Council (CULAC) in the process.

“Pay to Swing-Go Office” was one of many activities Peninsula’s Friday Fundays campaign presented to get employees excited about CULAC Month in July. Contributions of $20 afforded five swings and helped propel the credit union to nearly double its CULAC goal of $807 for the year.

Part of the secret sauce to employee engagement is to have the team drive the activities. Peninsula’s President and CEO, Jim Morrell, put Kristine Cowan, Branch Manager of the credit union’s Port Orchard location, at the helm. As a result, 45% of the PCU team participated.

“I am super happy to see this number of our team recognize the importance of helping to protect what we do in credit unions every day in supporting our members’ financial lives,” Morrell said.

Other activities included casual dress days on Fridays and almost anything worked – jeans, shorts, capris, and even flip flops. Compliment Cookie Grams were sold to interested employees as well.

And while everyone loves their credit union’s leadership team and no one wants to throw a pie in the face of their boss, some employees took one for the team. In support of CULAC, they paid $10 for the right to toss a cream pie in the face of a leadership team member at the annual Staff Training Day this coming October. Pictures, please!


Peninsula Credit Union CEO, Jim Morrell, added to his CULAC contributions in July, earning the right to bring a couple of furry friends to work.

“Reserving the month of July for Friday Fundays while raising money for such an important cause is a fabulous idea,” Cowan said. “Our credit union’s participation increased from last year’s efforts and it was a fun experience for all.”

Added Kallie Brick, a Member Relationship Consultant at PCU, “I love being able to support the candidates and legislators who support us, the credit unions.”

CULAC is a fund that all credit union employees can contribute to.

“Credit unions in the Northwest have a rich history supporting the July CULAC Month tradition,” said Jordan Beyer, Grassroots Advocacy Manager, Northwest Credit Union Association. “But your credit union can host a CULAC activity at any time of the year. CULAC is an important grassroots fundraising tool we use in the Credit Union Movement which gives us an opportunity to continue to inform and educate our elected officials in Washington, D.C.”

Editor’s note: For more information about CULAC, and for ideas to help your credit union raise the bar, reach out to Jordan Beyer by emailing

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