Crapo Brings HUD Secretary Carson to Boise for Housing Discussion

On Monday, the NWCUA Advocacy team, led by President and CEO, Troy Stang, spent time with a delegation of government leaders that were in Idaho to examine and discuss affordable housing.  The delegation, led by U.S. Senator Mike Crapo (R – ID) included Dr. Ben Carson, U.S. Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, Idaho Congressman Russ Fulcher (R – ID) and Idaho State Senator Cherie Buckner-Webb (D – Boise – 19).  The Boise MSA has been a hotbed of real estate activity for the past several years, which has resulted in limited inventories and increased housing prices.  This significant increase in pricing has put pressure on families and workers trying to make ends meet, while managing the need for long-term stable housing. 

Secretary Carson outlined his vision for future HUD programs working to manage affordable housing and the high priority that would be placed on  public-private partnerships and new housing product options. He explained the need to reduce regulation for individuals and families who are in need of affordable housing option should provide flexibility in the programs and allow those individuals, “… to enjoy the American dream and climb the ladder of economic success.”

Dr. Carson spent a great deal of time outlining the need to ensure current programs could be evaluated to ensure there were incentives in place to help people out of poverty versus disincentivising them to game the system.  Carson said, “The things that we do, we have to do them all in a holistic manner, so that we can actually get the whole program running more smoothly.”

Earlier in the day, Chairman Crapo and Secretary Carson toured the IndieDwell modular home factory in Caldwell, which showcased some of the modern housing product currently be designed for the affordable marketplace.  IndieDwell creates modular homes out of used storage containers, which allows some of the models to be sold at affordable prices.  The NWCUA team discussed the need for lending certainty around the secondary marketplace for some of the new conceptualized housing products.

The NWCUA Advocacy team was invited to participate in the days proceedings following our invitation for Bob Sonnichsen, Staff Director for US Senator Mike Crapo, to join us for our Idaho GAC Meeting in early August.  The continual development of relationships with the members and staff of the Northwest delegation are key to our ability to take part in critical conversations.     

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