OR Governmental Affairs Committee Summary

Last week, we finished up the last of our third quarter state Governmental Affairs Committees as Oregon credit union leaders joined to discuss relevant issues out of the most recent Oregon legislative session.

It was our great pleasure to be joined by Representative Barbara Smith-Warner, House Democratic Majority Leader. She emphasized the amount of work that had been done and the challenges expected in future sessions. Much attention was given to the work being done to ensure school funding is adequate and effectively accounts for the changing needs of students and communities in Oregon. We thank the Majority Leader for her time and willingness to come and share.

We then turned attention to federal updates. Samantha Beeler, VP Advocacy discussed recent developments with the NDAA, data privacy, and the SAFE Banking Act hearings. The latter of which, Rachel Pross of Oregon’s Maps Credit Union contributed stellar testimony. Read more about it here. Beeler also shared about the importance of connecting with members of congress during the August recess as they return home and spend time in their districts.

Pam Leavitt, Policy Advisor Oregon State Advocacy and Grassroots shared about the 2019 session and some key takeaways. Leavitt also shared about the NCSL Legislative Summit in Nashville, TN and the advocacy work being done on behalf of credit unions with state legislators from across the country. Her voice and expertise is a tremendous value there.  

We had timely updates with regard to the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco, Federal Home Loan Bank of Des Moines, and CULAC fundraising.

The Oregon Governmental Affairs Committee continues to be a dynamic forum for discussing important credit union issues both at the state and federal levels. We greatly look forward to our next meeting and appreciate the continued engagement from committee members. 

Posted in Advocacy on the Move.