CULAC Contributions Better Position Credit Unions for 2020 Elections


Each year in July, the Credit Union Movement encourages its employees to contribute to the Credit Union Legislative Action Council (CULAC), a fund that helps to elect candidates who support credit unions to federal office. 

CULAC Month, 2019is on the books. Northwest credit unions’ participation was “remarkable,” according to Jordan Beyer, the Northwest Credit Union Association’s Grassroots Advocacy Manager.  

While total amounts won’t be calculated until late August, early returns from many credit unions showed them to be meeting or exceeding goals. 

Beyer notes that many credit unions don’t limit their fundraising efforts to July; many plan activities throughout the year. Funds raised now can be directed towards next year’s election. 

“As we prepare for the 2020 election cycle, there are a number of primary races being closely watched, and the potential to leverage support has never been greater,” said Beyer. “The NWCUA is tremendously thankful for our member credit unions’ commitment to CULAC, both in July, and year around.” 

Editor’s note: More information about CULAC and how your credit union can help is available online. 

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