New Strategic Link Partnership with DoubleCheck Empowers Credit Union Members to Manage Overdraft Costs


With growing regulatory concerns over non-sufficient funds (NSF) fees, and credit unions’ mission to provide the best possible experience to members, Strategic Link is offering a solution through a new partnership with DoubleCheck.

DoubleCheck is an innovative, member-centric, and profitable solution for financial institutions. The fintech company offers solutions for financial services institutions looking to both build trust with consumers and generate new streams of income.

DoubleCheck’s proprietary software, CU.NOW, could be a gamechanger, helping credit unions to streamline the regulatory process, enhance compliance, reduce risks, and introduce a new revenue stream. All that and it provides a win for members, giving them more control over their financial activities.

Here’s how it works: CU.NOW’s intuitive software connects to your credit union’s member-facing system and notifies members in real-time when an NSF situation arises. Through texts, emails, and optional robocalls, members are alerted, and directed to log onto their online account.

They’re seamlessly connected DoubleCheck’s CU.NOW platform, branded by your credit union. There, members have the option to alter pay/return situations, make up the deficit by using a credit card or other payment solution, or they may opt to take no action. Members are thus empowered to make financial decisions in their best interests, and credit unions keep their existing NSF fee income while making additional income. 

“DoubleCheck has developed an innovative member-centric solution for the financial services industry,” said Joel Schwartz, founder and CEO. “We are excited to have been selected by the Northwest Credit Union Association to partner with Strategic Link, and to work with credit unions to give their members more control of their finances, while streamlining the compliance process.”

DoubleCheck’s innovative technology aligns with Strategic Link’s core strategy to help credit unions find business solutions that help them to better serve their members. To learn more about DoubleCheck, watch a short, animated video.

“NWCUA is pleased to partner with DoubleCheck,” said Jason Smith, NWCUA’s Vice President of Strategic Resources. “A solution that streamlines services and the regulatory process is a win for credit unions, and CU.NOW is a win for consumers because it gives them the information they need to make empowered financial decisions.”

Editor’s note: Want to learn more out DoubleCheck, generate income, and empower your members? NWCUA’s Jason Smith can connect you. Reach him via email or phone at 208.286.6794.

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