Byron Reese Peers into the Future at MAXX 2019


Futurist, Byron Reese, will speak at MAXX 2019.

We talk a lot about innovation, but what does it really mean for you, your staff, and your members? 

Credit unions occupy an interesting spot in the financial world, working to provide valuable products and services in a highly commoditized environment. Rapid changes in technology can be challenging as we balance the need for immediate access and ease-of-use with security and privacy requirements. So how can credit unions retain the desire to innovate when they’re faced with realities that may slow them down? 

In his MAXX mainstage session, How to Innovate in the Ever-Changing World of Technology,” tech entrepreneur Byron Reese is ready to explore what it really means to be innovative and how to prepare for the future while addressing everyday business realities.  

In his 25-year career, Reese has worked in tech startups, nonprofits, news websites, and the research and analysis firm, Gigaom. This experience has given him firsthand experience with the intersection between technology, business, and society. He’ll bring that perspective to MAXX this year. 

Don’t miss Reese on the mainstage on the afternoon of Oct. 16, during the closing session. Visit the MAXX 2019 site to see a lineup of speakers and more about the annual conference, to be held in Spokane, Oct. 15-17. Check back frequently, as more highlights are added each week. 

To learn more, check out this video, where Reese dives into tech and how it will bring a brighter future. 

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