Learn to Create a Workplace Your Staff Loves at MAXX 2019


Ryan McCarty, national speaker and co-founder of Culture of Good, Inc. will explore the key components of a fulfilling culture at MAXX.

Do you bring your soul to work? And more importantly, does your staff? 

Workplace culture is a critical component in attracting the best talent to your team and keeping them engaged and excited to come to work. 

Ryan McCarty, national speaker and co-founder of Culture of Good, Inc., is here to help you create a culture that makes coming to work a joy. During his MAXX 2019 mainstage session, “Bringing Our Souls to Work,” you’ll explore the key components of fulfilling culture. 

Every workplace has its own culture, and it affects every employee. Unfortunately, many workplace cultures have coalesced on their own, and at times aren’t leading us toward greatness. McCarty will explore the importance of intention in setting your culture and how helps improve your employee experience — simplifying the hiring and retention of your best team. 

Before he co-founded Culture of Good, McCarty spent 25 years in leadership in non-profit and for-profit companies. He is passionate about helping companies inspire their employees to bring their souls — not just their minds and bodies – to work. 

Don’t miss McCarty on the mainstage at MAXX on the afternoon of Oct. 17Visit the MAXX 2019 site to see a lineup of speakers and learn more about the annual Convention and Trade Show, to be held in Spokane, Oct. 15-17. Check back frequently, as more conference highlights are added each week. 

What is “Culture of Good” all about? Check out the video to learn more!

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