Dive Into Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at MAXX 2019


Dr. Rebecca Heiss will dive into diversity, equity, and inclusion on Oct. 17 at MAXX 2019 in Spokane.

Diversity, equity, and inclusion – it’s a top-of-mind, complex, and critical topic that all industries are focused on, and rightly so, given the desire to attract the best and brightest employees and to capture market share. 

That’s where Dr. Rebecca Heiss comes in. During her MAXX 2019 mainstage talk, “The Inclusive Mindset – Short Circuiting our Hardwiring,” she’ll dive into the blind spots we all have, and how they impact our effectiveness and happiness. 

Not recognizing that we don’t know what we don’t know can be costly to a business or organization. It’s critical we pause, check our own internal programming, and rewire our way of thinking. Heiss will look at how our own subconscious stories act as barriers to optimal performance in work and life, and how we may shift our perceptions to build more effective and positive work environments.

MAXX ButtonHeiss is a biologist, author, and speaker who focuses on helping people build pathways and engage their conscious brains to take actions so they may rewrite their beliefs. Her research has been deemed “transformative in the field of physiology” by the National Science Foundation, and her talks are highly engaging, humorous, and insightful. You’ll walk away inspired and reflecting inwardlywith insights that will benefit your credit union, your team, and your members. 

Don’t miss her on the mainstage at MAXX on the morning of Oct. 17, during the general session. Visit your Association’s MAXX 2019 site to see a lineup of speakers and more about the annual Convention and Trade Show, to be held in Spokane, Oct. 15-17. Check back frequently, as more conference highlights are added each week. 

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