Oregon Legislature Update

Oregon Senate Republicans have agreed to come back to the Capitol on Saturday morning after nearly a week of being absent. The focus of the weekend will be the remaining budget bills.  Here is the latest from OregonLive.com
SALEM — Oregon Senate Republicans plan to return to the state Capitol and resume voting on bills Saturday morning, caucus leader Herman Baertschiger Jr. said on Friday.

Baertschiger, of Grants Pass, said lawmakers have an obligation to pass budget bills, and he believes lawmakers can complete that work by the midnight Sunday deadline for lawmakers to adjourn. Democrats have a slate of other policy bills they also want to pass, and Baertschiger would not say whether Republicans would waive procedural rules to allow votes on that legislation in the waning hours of the legislative session. 

Altogether, more than a hundred bills and resolutions are still pending in the Legislature and need Senate approval.

Republicans have shut down the Oregon Senate for more than a week, by walking out and denying Democrats the 20-member quorum they need to conduct business. They did so with the stated purpose of blocking a climate change bill, but have given mixed public messages that they might also be trying to stop various other bills.

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