IP Services Helps Credit Unions Leverage Cloud Technologies to Advance IT Performance


Credit unions know the importance of maximizing efficiency, minimizing costs, and streamlining operations. With recent innovations in fintech and information technology, many high-performing credit unions are seeking experts who can lead and guide them to the best cloud-based solutions that will fit their needs now and into the future 

Last year, Strategic Link partnered with IP Services to provide Northwest Credit Union Association member credit unions with an service that provides cybersecurity and information technology systems management, including private and hybrid cloud-based solutions. 

Cloud technology is now mainstream for many credit unions, yet some credit union leaders are still working to find the optimal mix between public and private cloud solutions and traditional IT services. With the desire for flexibility and the need for highly secure systems, credit unions are seeking enterprise-wide private and highly secure hybrid cloud strategies that will help their organizations stay on top. 

Many of the promises of cloud technology— flexibility, agility, higher resource utilization, and simplicity—are critical for today’s credit unions. However, without the processes and controls to ensure reliability, performance, security, and alignment with critical business objectives, credit unions can’t be sure data is properly configured. 

IP Services has a long history of working with credit unions to design customized cloud solutions and provides cloud service management, as well. IP’s quality control system, TotalControl™, enables credit unions to customize and manage any IT service to improve availability while also reducing the cost of managing it.  

“When you’re talking about member security, it pays to work with a company that has a lot of cloud experience. IP Services has been working in this field for years, long before cloud technology was mainstream,” said Northwest Credit Union Association Vice President of Strategic Resources, Jason Smith.  

With well-designed private and secure hybrid cloud systems, credit unions have the flexibility and benefits of both private and public cloud solutions that address data security, governanceand compliance. And, it’s important to note that hybrid cloud solutions enable credit unions to quickly provide resources as the need to scale arises, enabling them to solve business problems faster, greatly enhancing the agility of credit unions to respond to ever-changing market demands. 

Credit unions that have the proper cloud solutions in place can focus on funding business initiatives rather than tying up investment in under-utilized capital equipment. In addition, ongoing maintenance costs are reduced, and server upgrades and capital requirements are virtually eliminated. 

Want to learn more about our Strategic Link partnership with IP Services? Contact NWCUA’s Vice President, Strategic Resources, Jason Smith. To learn more about IP Services, visit them online. 

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