Pioneer Federal Credit Union Uses POPi/o Video Banking to Drive Member Service with a Human Touch


Financial institutions may be eliminating the human element from service channels by choosing technological solutions for service opportunities, deploying services that were once exclusively offered through physical channels. By doing this, they are enabling members to serve as the primary experience driver. This has allowed credit unions to do more without people, in theory. 

As branch traffic declines and digital channel usage grows, credit unions have fewer opportunities to engage face-to-face with their members. Strategic Link partner, POPi/o, has a unique solution that allows credit unions to continue using digital service channels while maintaining interaction. Pioneer Federal Credit Union recently partnered with POPi/o and is seeing positive results.  

By combining video chat with real-time collaboration, POPi/o is enabling Pioneer Federal to offer highly engaging branch-like experiences on member’s mobile devices.  

“POPi/o helps credit unions provide members with outstanding service through digital channels,” said Northwest Credit Union Association Vice President of Strategic Resources, Jason Smith. “Their executive dashboard and support center provide call histories, analytics, and management functions that are easily deployed through existing systems and incorporate certain customer service applications, such as the presentation of loan documents.” 

Pioneer Federal wanted its member service channels to include human interaction; it’s why they named their application “myPioneer Personal Assistant.” The service operates outside of normal service hours to enable greater access for their membership. 

Prior to deploying the service, employees used the application to test drive it. Pioneer Federal’s Senior Vice President of Operations, Tracey Miller, saw the value of getting employees to use the application before rolling out the solution to the membership. 

“Too often in operations, we look at process, not people,” said Miller. “If employees are using it themselves, your members will trust them.” 

case study provides insight into the process that Pioneer Federal Credit Union took to integrate the solution and illustrates how technology is about people, tooMiller points out that the most important aspect of integrating POPi/o’s video solution wasn’t the actual technology, but the human collaboration around it. During the build process, Miller’s team suggested some improvements, which POPi/o quickly delivered. 

“I’ve never had a tech partner like that; it truly felt like one team working toward the same strategic plan and vision,” said Miller. 

One of the biggest hurdles Miller faced was selling the technology to members and getting them to use the app. By enlisting the credit union’s call center to help, members who needed to be identified to perform tasks, such as updating an address or approving a wire transfer, were directed to video banking. Eventually, call center reps also asked members to use the service to apply for loans and open accounts. Miller’s strategy enabled a successful deployment of their new service channel.  

For credit unions interested in learning more about Pioneer Federal Credit Union’s video banking integration process, download the case study here. 

To learn more about POPi/o, please contact Strategic Partnerships Manager,  Corina Ruiz. To learn more about POPi/o, visit its  webpage. 

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