Global Credit Union Takes a Digital Approach to Information Management with Strategic Link Partner, FuzeDigital


Credit unions are known for delivering exceptional service. In addition to offering great rates on loans and deposit accounts, they weave the “People Helping People” spirit into every member interaction.

For credit unions that want to improve the quality of their member service, ensuring that staff can find information is a priority. Accessing information in the middle of a face-to-face meeting or phone conversation is central to providing a positive member experience.

Two common pain-points to providing this level of service is discovering that the right answer is hard to find, or that the content may not be up to date. In these situations, staff often turn to other staff to get an answer, which results in possible inconsistencies because different people have varying pieces of information. Other possible pain-points include outdated content; information that’s missing or duplicated; a lack of uniformity or poor formatting; or information that is just plain wrong.

Strategic Link partner, FuzeDigital, provides a cloud-based software solution that makes it easy to get consistent, accurate, and prompt answers across all channels on any device. FuzeDigital’s patented knowledge-sharing and support platform serve stakeholders from a single, highly customizable solution. The platform is currently in use by your Association, managing the content in its Compliance Answer Library, and at Washington-based Global Credit Union.

“Global Credit Union utilizes the FuzeDigital platform for both our members and staff to find answers fast,” said Global Vice President of Sales and Talent Development, Bobbie Overhoff. “It has become our intranet with department-specific home pages for staff and a public side that allows members to search our website. Having a knowledge base is a critical part of our staff training and day-to-day operations.”

A knowledge-base solution offers credit unions a variety of benefits:

  • Credit union staff and members have a single place to look for answers.
  • The knowledge base serves as a central repository that can store policy and procedure documents or link to them on the credit union servers.
  • Content can be published for specific uses such as public consumption, staff access, or be limited to only certain individuals (especially useful for department-specific info).
  • A search engine allows users to find answers to important questions.

To learn more, register for an upcoming webinar with FuzeDigital on April 23 from 1 p.m. to 2 p.m. PDT, 2 p.m. to 3 p.m. MDT. Participants will learn how the FuzeDigital knowledge base and contact management system drive down support costs, improve efficiencies, and increase user satisfaction.

For more information about FuzeDigital, contact Strategic Partnerships Manager, Corina Ruiz. To learn about Strategic Link’s partnership with FuzeDigital, visit its webpage.

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