Northwest Credit Unions Close 2018 Fourth Quarter with Positive Growth in all Categories


Northwest credit unions saw positive growth across all categories for the fourth quarter of 2018, according to data released by the National Credit Union Administration. With several performance rankings in the top 10, Northwest credit unions outpaced national averages in numerous areas. 

Northwest numbers align with the national economy’s strong growth, sustained by high consumer confidence, low unemployment, and a strong job market. However, economic forecasts predict overall credit union performance will revert to a more sustainable rate of growth in the coming months. 

We’ve seen growth in all categories for Northwest credit unions for nearly the past decade,” said Northwest Credit Union Association Vice President Regulatory Advocacy, John Trull, “but we expect growth to come back to a baseline, potentially this year, as interest rates rise and loan demand slows. In addition, deposits are increasing in cost, which could put additional pressure on rates.  

Here’s how Idaho, Oregon, and Washington credit unions closed the year: 

Median Annual Asset Growth 
Idaho: 7.2 percent, highest in the nation  
Oregon: 3.3 percent 
Washington: 4.4 percent 

Median Annual Share and Deposit Growth 
Idaho: 8.5 percent, highest in the nation  
Oregon: 2.5 percent 
Washington: 3.9 percent 

Median Annual Membership Growth 
Idaho: 1.6 percent  
Oregon: 2.3 percent, fourth highest in the nation  
Washington: 2.6 percent, second highest in the nation  

Median Annual Loan Growth 
Idaho: 7.6 percent 
Oregon: 7.9 percent 
Washington: 9.2 percent, second highest in the nation  

Median Total Delinquency Rate 
Idaho: 54 bps 
Oregon: 32 bps, third lowest in the nation  
Washington: 39 bps 

Median Loan to Share Ratio 
Idaho: 88 percent, third highest in the nation  
Oregon: 80 percent 
Washington: 81 percent 
Median Return on Average Assets 
Idaho: 80 bps 
Oregon: 92 bps, second highest in the nation  
Washington: 80 bps 

Positive Net Income 
Idaho: 88 percent 
Oregon: 98 percent, fourth highest in the nation 
Washington: 93 percent 

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Editor’s note: Watch for more stories on Northwest credit unions’ strong performance in the coming weeks. 

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