Coulee Dam Federal Credit Union Drives Greater Workplace Security and Efficiency Through NuQuo’s Printer Security


With a little maintenance along the way, most copiers can be counted on to last for quite a few years. But when should you replace them? While your old copier may still be working, an inefficient, outdated device could be costing you more than you think. While it’s not often talked about, it’s important to realize that copiers are susceptible to cyberattacks.

Strategic Link partner, NuQuo works to ensure credit unions have optimal processes, workflow strategies, and equipment in place for their business environment without over spending. NuQuo takes an in-depth look at lease-and-service agreements for printer and copier services and makes recommendations on a variety of factors based on organizational needs, including security.

“NuQuo allowed us to replace all of our under-achieving fleet of multi-functional printers with a superior model and without early termination fees,” said Shannon Burge, VP of Technology at Washington’s Coulee Dam Federal Credit Union. “In addition, they were still able to save us $600 each month. They were extremely easy to work with and their knowledge in the copier space is invaluable.”  

A study by the analysts specializing in the convergence of print and digital technologies at Quocirca showed that 61 percent of reported data loss incidents in 2017 had at least one incident linked to a printer. Eighteen percent of respondents reported that an unsecured multi-function printer led to unauthorized network access or hacking, however, almost half reported that network interception, hard disk theft, and unauthorized access of unclaimed output were factors.

When it comes to printers, hackers show no preference. Printer manufacturers cited in the 2017 study include Brother, Canon, Epson, HP, Konica Minolta, and Samsung. The reality is, any printer that is connected to the internet needs to be secured. Otherwise, it is vulnerable to cyberattack.

As cyberattacks become more sophisticated, the threat to businesses using outdated, unsecured copiers has increased. Most upgrades will include advanced password protection, encrypted hard drives, and other forms of security to ensure safe copying.

If you aren’t sure if your equipment is secure from cyberattacks, NuQuo can help you learn more about the security-based features of your current office equipment and whether an upgrade can offer protection.

“NuQuo helps Northwest credit unions eliminate the guesswork often associated with office equipment contracts,” said Northwest Credit Union Association VP Strategic Partnerships, Jason Smith. “Their experience and knowledge of printers and office equipment has proven to be an invaluable resource for credit unions.”

For more information about NuQuo, contact Northwest Credit Union Association VP Strategic Resources, Jason Smith. To learn more about Strategic Link’s partnership with NuQuo, visit its webpage.

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