NCUA Senate Nomination Hearing

On Thursday, the Senate Banking Committee conducted a hearing on the nomination of Todd M. Harper, of Virginia, and Rodney Hood, of North Carolina, to serve on the  National Credit Union Administration Board.

In his opening statement Senator Mike Crapo (ID), Chairman  of the Banking Committee said, “The NCUA plays a critical role in overseeing and insuring a major segment of our nation’s community financial institutions: federally-insured credit unions” He went on to recognize the distinguished backgrounds of both Mr. Hood and Mr. Harper.

Both of the nominees have worked at the NCUA in the past. Todd Harper led the Office of Public and Congressional Affairs and served as the chief policy advisor to the NCUA Chairman between 2011 and 2017. Rodney Hood served as a member of the NCUA Board between 2005 and 2010 including a stint as   Vice Chairman.

Hood and. Harper both indicated a need to review and modernize NCUA regulations and  Harper added a need to tailor rules for small credit unions.  

Senators may submit written questions to the nominees through February 19, with written responses due from the nominees by February 22. We expect the nominations of Hood and  Harper to move forward out of committee and on to a vote before the full Senate.


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