Show your Members Some Love on Valentine’s Day


With Valentine’s Day approaching, it’s a great time for credit unions to remind new and existing members of all the sweet deals that come with membership. Perks like free checking, financial education courses, and access to a network of surcharge-free ATMs are sweeter than candy, and they’re  available for no cost at most credit unions.

In the Northwest, credit unions offer members impressive loan rates that will satisfy their savings sweet tooth. Credit card rates in Idaho are more than 2.5 percent lower; in Oregon, nearly 3 percent lower; and in Washington, just over 3 percent lower*.

For car shoppers hoping to take a romantic sunset drive in a new car sometime soon, there’s good news. Northwest credit union members save big on auto loan financing. For example, members who financed a $25,000 vehicle through a credit union for 60 months paid $116 less in interest per year in Oregon, and $91 less in Washington.*.

These perks and savings aren’t just candy-coated promises. They exist because of credit unions’ not-for-profit structure. Credit unions are owned by their members, and they do not pay Wall Street stockholders. Instead, they return profits to their members in the form of favorable loan rates, better returns on savings accounts, and lower fees.

Credit unions love their members and Valentine’s Day is a great time to spread the word with the lower fees, great rates, and perks waiting for new and existing members at your credit union.

Spread the Love on Social

To spread the love with your members (and non-members), here are tweets and Facebook posts to use on your credit union’s social media account for Valentine’s Day if you offer these services.


Give the gift of savings this Valentine’s Day. Stop by and find out how you can save money on a car loan, get a credit card with a lower interest rate and keep your money where it belongs – with you. #CUObsessed #ValentinesDay

Do you love someone who’s not a credit union member? Give them the best Valentine’s Day gift of all – the gift of savings. We can show them the love through lower interest rates, free checking, and exceptional member services. #CUObsessed #ValentinesDay

Roses are red. Violets are blue. We love lower interest rates and so should you. Spread the credit union love this Valentine’s Day and give the gift of savings to your sweetie. It’ll taste better than chocolate and last way longer than flowers. #CUObsessed #ValentinesDay


What’s better than candy, flowers, or dinner out? Saving money, that’s what! Share the credit union love with your Valentine this year. We’ll get them set up with lower interest rates on loans and credit cards, free checking, and other membership perks. #CUObsessed

Nothing says love like saving money. Drop by and find out how you can save with lower interest rates, free checking, exceptional member services, and other perks. Feel the Credit Union Love this Valentine’s Day. #CUObsessed

It may be cold out, but you’ll warm up fast this Valentine’s Day with some sweet savings. Stop by to find out how you can save through lower interest rates on loans and credit cards, free checking, and other membership perks. #CUObsessed

* Idaho Membership Benefits Report,” “Oregon Membership Benefits Report,” “Washington Membership Benefits Report,” Credit Union National Association study based on Datatrac, NCUA, and CUNA comparison of bank and credit union rates, for 12 months ending in September 2018.


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