Northwest Credit Union Professionals Selected to Crash the GAC

From left to right: John Suk, Rebekah Schroeter, Allison Hericks, and Tony Phillips represented Northwest credit unions, attending CUNA’s GAC as Crashers in 2018.


Seven credit union professionals from the Northwest have been selected by the Credit Union National Association and The Cooperative Trust to attend Crash the GAC 2019 at CUNA’s Governmental Affairs Conference.

The Crashers will advocate for credit unions with their congressional representatives and receive professional development and networking opportunities at the event scheduled March 10 to 14 in Washington, D.C. A total of 100 Crashers from each state were chosen to attend with their registration fees paid.

2019 Crashers from the Northwest include:

  • Victoria Gingrey, Kitsap Credit Union
  • Scott Paylor, Mountain America Credit Union
  • Elyssa Osborn, Solarity Credit Union
  • Matthew Rice, East Idaho Credit Union
  • Brittney Schweizer-Wylie, Rogue Credit Union
  • Kaydie Tanquary, SELCO Community Credit Union
  • Tim Toy, Mountain America Credit Union

For many young credit union professionals, it will be their first chance to learn and gain first-hand experience with the legislative process. For some like Brittney Schweizer-Wylie, Project Manager at Rogue Credit Union, their interest and commitment to the Movement began after participating in the YP Leads program, sparking their interest in Crash the GAC.

“I hope to gain a better understanding of the legislative element of the Credit Union Movement,” said Schweizer-Wylie. “And more importantly how I can help bridge the gap between what’s happening at that macro level in Washington, D.C., and what we are doing at the micro level here in southern Oregon. 

“My experience as a YP Lead in 2018 most definitely prepared me for this opportunity. It not only amplified my passion for the Movement, but it provided me a fresh perspective on some long-standing issues surrounding credit unions and helped me to develop into an all-around better advocate.”

Fellow 2018 YP Lead, Matthew Rice, Director of eServices at East Idaho Credit Union, noted that his experience in the YP Lead program was just what he needed to advance his commitment to the Credit Union movement.

“Applying for Crash the GAC has been on my list to do someday and the inspiration and reinvigoration for the Credit Union Movement I received at MAXX as a YP Lead was just the push I needed to turn someday into today,” said Rice. “On the final day of MAXX, we commit to something we will accomplish over the next year, and Brittney (Schweizer-Wylie) and I both committed to applying to Crash the GAC in 2019. We are so excited to represent the Northwest as YP Leads together as we journey to the national level.”

As Treasurer of the Willamette Valley Chapter, Kaydie Tanquary, Loan Center Assistant Manager at SELCO Community Credit Union, already takes an active role in advancing the Credit Movement in her community, and sees her Crash the GAC experience as a way to make a greater impact.

“This March, I will crash the 2019 CUNA GAC with 99 other passionate credit union champions from across the country, making our collective voice heard on Capitol Hill. Together, we’ll advocate for our tax status and promote common sense regulations,” said Tanquary. “We will challenge the ‘way we’ve always done it’ mentality and strategize with industry leaders, policymakers, and credit union experts. The 2019 CUNA GAC is a way to make a difference, and I’m honored to represent Oregon credit unions and our combined 110 million members.”

To learn more or register for CUNA’s Governmental Affairs Conference, March 10 to 14, 2019, click here.

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