Veteran Policy Expert Joe Adamack Takes Reins as NWCUA VP of Washington Legislative Affairs


Joe Adamack joins NWCUA as the new VP of Washington Legislative Affairs.

The Washington State Legislature gaveled into session Jan. 14, and Joe Adamack hit the ground running as the Northwest Credit Union Association’s new Vice President of Washington Legislative Affairs.  

It’s familiar ground for Adamack, who spent the last seven years serving as the Senior Public Information Officer in the Washington State Senate. In a public affairs career spanning nearly a decade, Adamack has been involved at the city, county, and state levels of government, consulting state legislative campaigns and ballot initiatives, guiding policy issues in the Senate, and serving as a local planning commissioner.

Now that you know he has the chops to advance the credit union policy agenda in Olympia, we’ll answer your next question: Yes, he is a credit union champion. In fact, his great grandfather was an original member of what is now Sound Credit Union in Tacoma. It’s a legacy that has been passed along in his family for generations.

“When I graduated from high school, my grandfather opened up an account for me at his credit union,” Adamack said. “To him it was not about the gift of money, but rather sharing something that was incredibly important to him with his family.”

Adamack is excited to combine his policy and credit union experiences in a role where he’ll advance legislation that helps credit unions meet their members’ needs.

“Washington credit unions and their members will be well-represented by Joe,” said Jennifer Wagner, NWCUA’s Executive Vice President and Chief Advocacy Officer. “He’s held in high regard by elected officials, with whom he has long-standing working relationships. He will passionately communicate to them the value that credit unions, as not-for-profit cooperatives, are delivering to more than four million consumers in the state.”

Advocates will get a first opportunity to collaborate with Adamack at the 2019 Washington Credit Union Day at the Capitol, Feb. 13. It resonates with legislators, he said, when a real member or employee of a credit union messages the Credit Union Difference.

“Lawmakers receive information from many people about a variety of issues, but when one of their constituents takes the time to share a personal story, they listen and remember,” Adamack said. “Knowing firsthand what is most important to you and others in your community is incredibly valuable to legislators as they seek to best represent their home district. Whether you have time to send an email, or you’re able to sit down with your legislator, always be engaged – it makes a difference.”

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