Strategic Facilitator Shares 10 Attitude Skills to Drive Credit Union Employee Performance


“Hire for attitude, train for skill,” is a workplace saying that has existed for decades. According to Strategic Link partner and strategic facilitator, Jeff Rendel, its premise is simple: Attitude creates opportunities for success and skills complete the tasks to implement the opportunity.

The right mindset paves the way to exceptional service for credit union members. The following tips are part of a sales/service training system that Rendel has used at hundreds of credit unions and has seen its successful implementation for employees.  

“Every day, in the five minutes before opening, credit union managers should discuss how the Skill of the Week can be delivered that day and used throughout the week,” said Rendel. “Ten weeks later, 10 new habits will be developed. Many credit unions continue the practice every 10 weeks, or add new skills into the process.”

Ten Skills for Improved Performance:

  • Punctuality: Be on time – for your shift, from your lunch break, and at every meeting with a member. Timeliness shows that others’ schedules are just as important (if not more) than our own.
  • Work ethic: Your credit union’s success didn’t happen overnight; it occurred one member at a time. Your commitment to hard work for every moment and member is the key to success.
  • Effort: Often, you’re asked to do something new, and it can be frightening because of the fear of failing. The best way to overcome this fear? Act. You’ll learn, succeed, and get better.
  • Body language: A smile, saying “good morning,” a handshake, and open posture creates a welcoming atmosphere. It says, “I’m glad you stopped by. How can I make your day better?”
  • Energy: Stand when you meet a member; find a way to add value to a conversation, and take a genuine interest in another person.
  • Attitude: If you believe a transaction will be a hassle, that transaction will be a hassle. If you believe a great experience is yours to own, your outlook will create that great experience.
  • Passion: You get to help members put more money into their lifestyles. Knowing that you help create big and small differences can put zeal into the mix of daily opportunities to win.
  • Be coachable: You don’t know it all, and it would be nice to keep growing your expertise at your job. Ask your manager where you can get better and act on the advice.
  • Do extra: Some days, you’re so efficient that you might find an extra 30 minutes left in the day. Take initiative and lend a hand to a colleague who could use your help and support.
  • Be prepared: Keep your work organized, study up on products, and stick to one task at a time. Your efficiency, knowledge, and focus will be top quality – and members will love it.

You have countless opportunities each day to create positive experiences for members and lasting impressions of your credit union. It begins with attitude, continues with exceptional service, and peaks with lasting success – for your members, credit union, and professional development.

For more information about Jeff Rendel’s sales, service, and strategy programs, contact NWCUA VP of Strategic Resources, Jason Smith. To learn more about Strategic Link’s partnership with Jeff Rendel, visit its webpage.

Editor’s note: Jeff Rendel will be speaking at the Lenders’ Council on Jan. 31. To learn more and to register, visit the Councils website.

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