Oregon Governor and Legislators Gather at the Capitol on Monday to Take Oath of Office

With the traditional pomp and circumstance, and in front of a combined House and Senate session and a packed House Chamber, Kate Brown was sworn in as Oregon’s 38th Governor on January 14. 

In her inaugural address, Governor Brown spoke to the need to address health care access for all Oregonians, the housing crisis, the K-12 education system, and higher education. In addition, she discussed the importance of fighting for climate initiatives that will reduce carbon and maintain the environmental quality of life, as well as the need for campaign finance reform in the wake of last year’s astronomical campaign donations. 

The 2019 state legislators were also sworn in to office, ceremonially marking the start of the new legislative session. In her speech, House Majority Leader Jennifer Williamson (D-Portland) stated, “I first want to congratulate Oregon House Speaker Tina Kotek who today makes history, becoming the longest serving Speaker in Oregon history. We are fortunate for her leadership and continued service to the state.  Today, we begin the hard work of moving Oregon forward. I am proud to join my new and returning House Democratic colleagues, as well as our colleagues across the aisle, in beginning the vigorous debate about the future of our state. I am excited about the months to come and look forward to the opportunity to enact ‘once in a generation’ reforms. Though many challenges lie ahead and I know we will not always agree on the correct path forward, I have no doubt that we all enter the 80th Legislative Assembly with a resolve to do right by our fellow Oregonians in pursuit of a better future.” 

The remainder of the week is dedicated to legislative orientation and planning. On Tuesday, Jan 22, the legislature will officially convene for a five month work session. Your Association was in attendance for the inaugural event and is working to review the over 3500 bills introduced!

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