Governor Little Presents His Vision for Idaho’s Future

Governor Little presented his State of the State on Monday afternoon outlining an aggressive plan and budget for the coming year, which is also the traditional kick-off to Idaho’s Legislative Session.   

Education led the highlights of Governor Little’s priorities as he takes the lead of our rapidly growing State.  His programs and budget outlook, include increases in the ares of career and technical education, Pre-K to 3rd Grade literacy programs, opportunity scholarships and a continued increase in teacher pay. 

Little discussed Idaho’s diminished tax revenues, which currently sit at approximately $45 million behind budget estimates that were established during the 2018 legislative session.  The perceived short fall is believed to have been caused by Idaho’s tax conformity to the federal tax code and the lack of updating of employee W-4s, following tax law changes.  Little expects the shortfall to be eliminated once taxes are filed in April.  

Governor Little discussed implementing a medicaid expansion program that would ultimately be outlined by the Idaho legislature, while also working toward broader affordable insurance coverage. 

Little included a program for first time home buyer savings accounts and outlined his plan to work collaboratively with the Idaho Legislature in order to secure a funding stream for transportation infrastructure and road maintenance backlogs. 

The NWCUA Advocacy team was in attendance at the State of the State and had the opportunity to touch base with Governor Little and his team following the presentation.  We will closely monitor the legislature’s efforts to makeup or manage the perceived budget shortfalls as the session continues. 



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