Fundraising Begins in the Northwest for National Awareness Open Your Eyes to a Credit Union Initiative

After two years of research, development, hard work, and drum roll, the Credit Union National Association (CUNA), credit union leagues across the country, and the Northwest Credit Union Association (NWCUA) are launching fundraising efforts to support the Open Your Eyes to a Credit Union national awareness initiative.

The CUNA-led effort is designed to increase awareness and marketplace consideration about credit unions, so non-credit union members understand the credit union difference and consider credit unions in their financial decisions.

The awareness initiative is based on in-depth consumer research, and creative collateral and messaging have been consumer tested. Creating a consistent look and feel for the national campaign will ensure the Credit Union Movement is speaking with one unified voice. CUNA’s goal is to raise $100 million over three years.

The NWCUA Board of Directors recently passed a resolution in support of the effort, and your Association, along with the Strategic Market Share Task Force, which is comprised of executive-level credit union leaders in the Northwest, also support this initiative.

The NWCUA has set a fundraising goal of $8 million over three years for the Northwest, and is asking member credit unions for 100 percent participation.

“We believe the Northwest will have a very robust digital marketing campaign running in our regional market, when we meet our $8 million, three-year fundraising goal,” said NWCUA SVP of Marketing and Communications Danielle Sittu. “The Board, the Strategic Market Share Task Force, and your Association fully support the idea that it is critically important for credit unions across the nation to speak with one consistent voice. Contributions from all credit union asset sizes are important to the Northwest Region reaching its goal.”

NWCUA President and CEO Troy Stang added, “This is an exciting opportunity for the Northwest to once again take a leadership role to influence the national landscape, create greater consumer awareness about the credit union difference, and to leverage in-depth research and consistent messaging designed to capture market share. This is a huge step in the right direction for the Credit Union Movement, and with 100 percent participation we will see a rising tide lifts all boats.”

The campaign, once launched, is digital – online ads, video, social media, etc. – and is targeted at non-member consumers between the ages of 34 and 55 years old, who are making major financial decisions in their current life stage.

Funds raised in the Northwest will be invested here in our region, and members of our Strategic Market Share Task Force will have input to digital ad buy placement, to creative design, to any developed collateral, or customizable creative.

Want more information about Open Your Eyes? Visit and enter your CUNA password, or visit your Association’s Marketing Resource Center. Questions also can be directed to Sittu via email at or phone at 206-519-9405, or to CUNA’s Vice President of Creating Awareness Susan Toalson at or 608-231-4114.

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