FuzeDigital Offers Credit Unions Valuable Data Collection and Operations Systems


Credit union members and staff seek the convenience and timeliness of gaining access to answers via self-service whenever possible. When answers can’t be found through self-service, submitting a question online and receiving a timely response is the next best thing.

Strategic Link partner, FuzeDigital, meets both of these needs by helping credit unions deliver answers quickly through its knowledge-based and contact-management solutions.

FuzeDigital’s software is embedded seamlessly in websites, intranets, and apps to make self-service answers quick, accurate, and consistent. When questions arise on the phone, email or in-person, front-line staff have a reliable source of curated content to provide support, all while streamlining the support process and ensuring service-level expectations are met.

“People want to get quickly to answers that resolve their issues and that the brand stands behind,” FuzeDigital CEO and founder Chuck Van Court said. “In order to do this the content must be perpetually evolved using real-world insights of relevant internal and external stakeholders. Our patented community knowledge base provides a vital component to any organization by tapping into the power of these stakeholders to ensure that content continuously improves with real-world usage.”

The Northwest Credit Union Association has implemented FuzeDigital’s technology for many years, using it to build its Compliance Answer Library (CAL).

“The FuzeDigital technology enabled us to create a searchable database of compliance-related FAQs, which now has close to 1,300 questions and answers,” David Curtis, Director of Compliance Services for the Northwest Credit Union Association said. “The questions can be linked to related items and even to the regulatory citations.”

Credit unions of all sizes can use FuzeDigital to:

  • Improve the member/staff experience: Give people the information they need to resolve issues themselves for faster resolution.
  • Allow agents to focus on complex tasks and member relationships.
  • Ensure that online inquiries and feedback are responded to effectively, consistently, accurately, and timely.
  • Enhance website content by providing common FAQs and direct links to documents, web pages, etc. FuzeDigital provides topics and 300-plus commonly asked questions of credit unions to seed the knowledge base.
  • Provide educational/informational content that helps members make good financial decisions. FuzeDigital offers an optional module of 300-plus personal finance articles and calculators it maintains.

“Members can use this resource to often times find answers to common questions that other credit unions have asked before,” said Curtis.

To learn more about how FuzeDigital can assist your credit union, register for a webinar on Wednesday, Dec. 12 from 1 to 2 p.m. PST.

In this webinar you will learn how NWCUA utilizes the knowledge base for extending compliance information in CAL and answering questions from member credit unions. You’ll also hear how Washington state-based Connection Credit Union uses FuzeDigital in unique ways. Several other Northwest credit unions have integrated FuzeDigital into their information systems, including Global Credit Union in Spokane, Progressions Credit Union, also based in Spokane, and WSECU in Olympia, Wash.

During the webinar, Jean Van Court, Chief Customer Officer at FuzeDigital, will demonstrate how your credit union can extend fast answers to members and staff, reducing your costs of providing support while improving member and staff experience.

For more information about FuzeDigital, contact Jason Smith, VP of Strategic Resources. To learn more about FuzeDigital, visit them on Strategic Link’s website.

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