First Tech Federal Credit Union’s Partnership with Portland Trail Blazers Drives Member Engagement


In celebration of their ongoing partnership with the Portland Trail Blazers, First Tech Federal Credit Union launched its first co-branded credit card to capture the spirit and passion of members who are also Portland Trail Blazer fans throughout the Pacific Northwest.

The credit union has worked in partnership with the basketball team since November of 2017, when the credit union collaborated on the release of its Trail Blazers-branded debit card.

“With nearly half of First Tech’s member based in the Pacific Northwest, our partnership with the Portland Trail Blazers allows First Tech to engage where members and Trail Blazer fans come together,” said First Tech Federal Credit Union Chief Retail and Marketing Officer, Brad Calhoun.

The new credit card offers high value at a low cost for members and features discounts and rewards. So far, the response from members has been favorable.

“Existing fans at First Tech were excited to see us make this partnership; they’re excited to see the Trail Blazers at their credit union,” said Calhoun.

Many of the companies that First Tech serves are also partners with the Portland Trail Blazers, allowing for the credit union to increase its visibility and align with some top companies throughout the region.

“This partnership has given us the incredible opportunity to strengthen relationships with existing members, grow new ones, and raise awareness of the credit union movement ,” said Calhoun. “We hope to continue that momentum with the launch of this card.”

First Tech has plans to introduce a youth-savings product tied to the Trail Blazers in early 2019.

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