Strategic Link Partners with Vetter to Bring Enhanced Data Analytics to Credit Unions


Ensuring the growth and bright future of your credit union is more challenging than ever, which is why the Northwest Credit Union Association and Vetter have partnered up to offer credit unions the technology needed to win in the developing digital world.

Vetter leverages sophisticated data analytics to target consumers specific to credit unions, deploys proven and predictable digital marketing strategies to reach those consumers where they want to be reached, and drives them to Vetter’s simple and intuitive digital onboarding platform to become members of your credit union.

Vetter is a turnkey solution that was developed with the sole purpose of empowering credit unions and the people who run them in order to stay competitive. Its solution ensures growth among current and future generations while maintaining the personal touch of credit unions.

It’s designed to support credit unions by driving growth and profitability, ensuring regulatory compliance and improving member experience. Vetter is committed to achieving these business goals and becoming a true credit union partner.

“During visits to credit unions of all sizes, I’ve heard a consistent interest in new member growth,” said Jason Smith, NWCUA VP of Strategic Resources. “We are excited by the feedback from the Value Creation Task Force’s interest in Vetter and what they can bring to the table. As a new betaSpace partner we look forward to positive early results like those shown in initial testing.”

Being the only company in the industry that has access to one of the largest consumer and business databases in the country, Vetter is able to target specific prospective members and businesses on your behalf for products that you already offer and automate digital marketing campaigns to drive those prospects to Vetter’s 90-second account opening platform.

As a result, Vetter has been able to help a $100 million-asset-size credit union get 16 new funded deposit accounts in a matter of a weekend with a member acquisition cost well below the industry average.

To learn more about how Vetter can assist your credit union, register for a webinar on Nov. 27 from 1 to 2 p.m. PST.

In this webinar Vetter will discuss how your credit union can digitally acquire, engage, activate and retain members through technology and data collection.

For more information about Vetter, contact Jason Smith, VP of Strategic Resources or visit Vetter online.

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