Point West Credit Union Discusses the Value of a Board Portal for Small Credit Unions


Point West Credit Union, located in Portland.

Point West Credit Union President and CEO, Amy Nelson, has seen first-hand how technology can help a smaller credit union thrive. Her credit union recently adopted new board portal software by Strategic Link business partner, Aprio, and it’s made running board meetings smoother and more effective.

“Don’t mistake technology as something useful only if you’re big,” Nelson said. “Having a board portal like Aprio should be the norm today even if you are a $10-million credit union. Even with a five-person board the efficiency for your management and directors will be critical to you.”

In Point West’s first eight months using Aprio, it made measurable strides, she said.

“The biggest win with Aprio is how much we’ve improved pre-meeting engagement, which has led to more productive meetings and better attendance. The way Aprio pushes out our agenda and meeting reminders right to people’s inboxes, prompts directors to prepare more thoroughly, in advance, resulting in informed, succinct, and decisive discussion at meetings.”

Aprio makes it easy for directors to pose questions to management before meetings, with answers shared to all. This has virtually eliminated the repetitive background questions, which often eat time in meetings, she went on to explain.

“All of this, and directors being able to collaborate with each other prior to meetings, has made us more productive as a board, kept meeting agendas on track, and boosted attendance as a result.”

Point West has won back time and gained flexibility with its meeting prep, and where it once took the efforts of six people and several hours to get a board packet prepared and posted, now it requires far less effort and time.

“Then instantly, directors can see the full board package wherever they are in the world, and on any device,” she said.

To learn more about how Aprio helped Point West streamline its board meeting preparation and communications, please visit this online case study.

To learn more about Aprio, visit Strategic Link online or contact Jason Smith, VP of Strategic Resources.

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