Credit Unions are Providing Effective Feedback; Streamlining Employee Appraisals with Performance Pro


A company is only as strong as its employees, and employees perform at their best when they feel valued.

How do you demonstrate that value? By setting achievable personal goals that help your team maintain incentive to work hard and uphold your credit union’s overall commitment to serving its members.

With the proper employee performance management tools, measuring improvement is easy. That’s where Performance Pro by CU Solutions Group can make an impact.

Performance Pro is professional-grade software that aligns employee and organizational goals. Through the performance management technology, credit unions can set goals, track performance, streamline human resources’ workload, and archive all interactions between employees and management.

“The Northwest Credit Union Association has used Performance Pro for years. The electronic platform allows both the supervisor and the employee to accomplish results quickly and efficiently,” said Jennifer Huggard, SVP of Administration. “The performance appraisal process, which can often feel cumbersome and stressful, is streamlined and effective with Performance Pro.”

Performance Pro’s key features include:

  • Automated evaluation process.
  • Email reminders, templates, employee action forms, and more.
  • Dashboards, workflows, writing assistants, legal checks, cascading goals, and robust reporting.
  • More than 140 performance factors and rating scales.
  • Hundreds of customizable goals, evaluation templates, and job descriptions.
  • Library of manager resources.

To find out more about Performance Pro and CU Solutions Group, contact Jason Smith, VP of Strategic Resources.

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